Range of Storm Towers? What will be protected?

Hey guys, so I’ve always been under the impression that if you wanted to see the range of certain towers, you click on the tower and hit the move button and the towers coverage range shows up. Now for storm towers the range is similar to almost everything except for red mages however I see storms shielding towers that are behind them. Do storms only protect towers in front of them in their range, or is it all nearby towers even if behind or diagonal. Any help?

Ps I put my storm there because I thought it would cover all towers on my island except my farms. If that’s not the case I may rearrange some things


I believe that storm will protect the farms on either side of it, the blue mage, and the treb.

The range shown there is not supershot protection range, its range of its attack. The invincibility protection range is not shown in range.
Swap the storm tower with trebuchet and you will get what you desired.

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When on a long island, the storm won’t cover the tower in front on the opposite corner. This only works for small islands, Luff.

On this specific island it does, i am too lazy to defend after rearranging or i would have showed pic.

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<_< wat. How interesting.

Yes, time to change your base layout. :wink:
Edit: Its best storm tower placement in the game, covers 7 towers. I am skeptical about 8th tower though

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Hahahahaha. I can’t remember the last time I used the back long island. I have too many towers now.

Does the same apply for Ice Turrets as well?

Storm towers will shield up to 5 buildings, and won’t shield itself or other storm towers.

Buildings are in groups of 5. But depending on circumstance it may or may not cross the grouping. (they almost never do except when it’s not useful)

Ice turrets also can shield up to 5, but they can shield other ice turrets.

Edit. FYI storm uses an invincibility shield and ice uses a shield that reduces damage. They work great together. At high levels you might find double ice turrets work better than one of each.

That’s not true, storms will shield up to 7 buildings depending on placement.


Was it changed? Reference? Video? I’ve moved mine around and it has NEVER shielded more than 5. It also was written somewhere about 5 being the max. I haven’t moved or experimented for a while

  • seven in Atlas due to the proximity of towers, maybe right front when viewed below
  • six in core when to the side of a long island - you’ll have to experiment with the s’s, not sure if it’s all of them, though should be for the two closest to the dragon


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Do anybody have a list of every type of tower attacking range and protection area ?

Some people told me that red mages better working in center position. Is that right?

That’s not due to range.

Red mage protects from damage to towers in its aura. When you move them around you can see the red bubble and if it’s not in the center 1 tower is always outside of coverage

Blue mages work differently. Their aura remove blue spell activity when a dragon goes within its range.

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Thx, that is what i am talking about. So the only right way to position a red mage is in the center! Mhm, i have seen so much dont do this.

Do you know something about attack ranges. I guess i Red something abot cannons have the longest distance, flak have short range as i know.
But i am not sure about it.

It’s often not the best option for the layout for people to place their Red Mages in the center of an island; which is why you see that.

Archer towers, Cannons, Storm towers, Mages, and Turrets have the same (average) attack range. Dark flaks have a shorter range, whilst Lightning towers can attack from farther back.

Excluding lightnings, those are the only towers I have on my base and can be pretty sure of.

Attack towers are the same range (70), except for dark flak’s being 50. Mage tower shots are at 75.

Some towers may appear to have longer range due to how quickly their attacks fire. Lightning towers also don’t turn like others do, but you can watch the little spark between the top prongs.

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