Rant about PG and Scaling

I get PG wanting more castles to change hands. I do think however that giving D1 teams 100% glory on any T4 regardless of rank and level was a direct hit to the masses of people and and easy glory for the D1 teams with maxed gear. There’s no way to defend against their attacks and enfeeble only goes so far. This has soured a lot of players to despise Atlas and I anticipate loss of market share due to short sightedness of the PG Devs.

I think this move will hurt them as the vast majority of players are not in D1 and to have massive amounts of troops killed off 24/7 with poor glory and no chance to counter-snipe their attacks. I akin some D1 teams as the school yard bully. They got held back twice and are 4 times the size of those they are attacking. In my opinion it is cowardly, How PG even remotely thought this was a good idea boggles my mind.

I think that the bands for glory need to be tightened and disincentivize this glaring problem within Atlas. I believe they should only get 100% when fighting other D1 teams not attacking Plat and Sapphire teams that have no chance to defend themselves against their attacks.

For the record they have no interest in conquering the castle only to farm easy glory that they don’t have to work for. If PG does nothing I foresee a lot of players simply leaving because they cannot keep enough troops to be effective or simply give up their T4 castles which you see a lot of and are then taken over by pirate teams with low troop counts and essentially becomes a pass through for the D1 Bullies to move deeper into the map.

Seriously I think PG condones Bullying by D1 teams why else would they make these changes?
Can anyone from PG answer this question?


Any team gets 100% on them. T4s and T5s are t meant to be held by teams who cannot defend either.
If you need to enfeeble every sniper on them you have problems


You must’ve thought that over for a long time… I think that change was made three years ago?


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if you cant hold t4s why are you claiming them lol dont and they wont get 100% glory t4s-t5s you know are 100% if you dont think they will go for them your on some serious cold meds!

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We have held ours for a long time. I’m just not a fan of this TBH its being a bully and I thought PG was Anti Bullying but i guess not?


its a war game you hold a t4 you know what your in for diamonds are not bullying and honestly is no bullying what are they taking from you troops dont own that land go get some 3s/2 and they wont touch ya like they will on a t4

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im pretty sure they do attack there own league :rofl: you and your team do it to yourselves owning that land drop it and tell me if diamonds hit you then :roll_eyes:

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you you think one of the top tier castles should be less then 100% then whats the point in rewarding great prizes just give them to everyone and dump all land lmao

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a t4 is a top tier castle there are 2 top tiers and 2 low tiers

t5 top tier
t4 top tier
t3 low tier
t2 low tier

so yes it is a top tier you can call me a troll all you like so my question is why are you holding a t4 since you claim it isnt a top tier its slightly under a t5 slightly or what makes it a lower tier? please explain?

and if its not a top tier why you holding on to it? why have you not swapped it out so diamonds cant touch you for 100% and ive not touched ur castle maybe i should and be that troll bully instead of trying to talk with you and get how you think upon things

this subject never gets old, eh?
im gonna watch some :relieved:

the way I see it is this
T5 Top Tier
T4 Upper Middle Tier
T3 Lower Middle Tier
T2 Low Tier

With the expansion of Atlas THis is how the structure should look. With only 4 tiers of castles dividing them in half is asinine when only 25 Teams can be at the top…

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yet rank and eggs and resources only count top 20 and if you dont think they want to take that land your mistaken you are dreadsided they are doa/libs which doa/libs lacks top tier castles so of course they going to nail you to the floor and no i cant hit you because i am as well dreadsided so i cant be part of that problem without being kicked from team only so many 5s and 4s they will come for ya for the bonuses

You didn’t read the entirety of what I said in the original posting obviously. They have no Interest at all in conquering only to hit for easy glory because they are Cowards.

or they sniping your troops down to take later because if they come heavy they know the alliance will come your a 528 you have the dragon power to crush them so you should be able to trap and kill without enfeeble i have been both sides and you see things from different perspectives

yes some diamond folks cant fly some can some hit lower teams some don’t and from the looks of it your team should be able to countersnipe as anyone with arc dragons should be able to not everyone has long bases in diamond so there is also that

gear now we have had plenty of time to claim all mythic branches so you as well should have the gear to do so look and that sap 2/3 team they fight diamonds all the time and they have fun doing it and are called cheaters because they do it well


Trolls united I was just blowing off some steam and Venting and yes a 690 Hitting a low 500’s who hasn’t and won’t spend as much on a game kind of ruins the fun. I love defending my team and my allies. And I try to defend as much as I can but its not feasible to counter-snipe a full 110b Base before they roll over the much lower target.

you have the same dragons as that 600 your power rank is 56 top part of sap1/diamond 2, which u can blame teams for disbanding but you still have the dragon power to countersnipe and have the power to make them fail! you letting them get to you and posting here is just going to make them come more because they know they are getting to you!