RANT: New mythic Rune (skip if not interested)


Of all the f*** things you could make a new rune for, this p.o.s spell gets one? “Mythic” drop thats “legendary” quality? I see you trolling me :stuck_out_tongue:

And then just to f*** up my day more, its my “free” one after spending $100 for pulls to get epic crap like this?

/end rant

And no I don’t really feel better, but for the love of …


I 100% agree, Gox.

Rares should not be there in the first place
Anything “common” shouldn’t be there (lightning strikers, resists, havok, etc)
Worthless runes either (WindWall, evasion, etc)


Agreed. I made the mistake of opening these ONCE (rubies I won in events, no actual cash). I paid my tuition… lesson learned. Back to using rubies for egg missions.

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:speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: who at PG decided we needed that :joy::joy::joy: Whoever decided we needed that has completely lost touch with the players desires, or doesn’t care.


I got this one for free as the bonus :grin: just don’t buy runic chests

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It’s a very expensive crapshoot, good runes used to be part of events but now the 8k chest is the only place to MAYBE get one

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Which work on what, 2 total dragons in the game? 3 now maybe? And they aren’t even really good dragons in the first place so it doesn’t make a difference anyways?

I got one of those and was greatly disappointed in it’s lack of usefulness even though it sounds awesome

Sadly, I seem to see more useable runs from random silver chests. It just takes opening a LOT of them to get decent runes.

I pissed away a Legendary Ammo Rune back when I didn’t know better…I think I put it on Ettin…:man_facepalming:

Ouch… You win

To make matters worse, I dusted runes on all my “old” dragons cause 100/100 :man_facepalming: Never. Felt. Stupider.

Legendary ice resist turret is nice. :slight_smile:

Nope. Resist runes are junk. Only work on dragons that have the resist already, and if you have it already, you don’t need to rune it


I’m saving it for a better dragon in the future…
Right now it only works on Spindra, Leos, Gladicus, some obsidians and merkt.

The resists runes aren’t any good? :flushed::sob::sob::sob:

In my opinion the one runes to drop should be epic legendaries and Mythics, and the bonus rune should always be a Mythic. Always. Also the types of runes would be only the useful ones… i dont think i need to list them but here:

  • Epic Charged Shield

  • Epic Dark Flak Resist

  • Epic Fire Turret Frenzy

  • Epic Fire Turret Resist

  • Epic Fire Turret Striker

  • Epic Healing Mark

  • Epic Ice Turret Frenzy

  • Epic Ice Turret Resist

  • Epic Rage

  • Epic Wisdom Glyph

  • Legendary Dark Flak Resist

  • Legendary Fire Turret Resist

  • Legendary Healing Mark Glyph

  • Legendary Ice Turret Resist

  • Legendary Ice Turret Resist Glyph

  • Legendary Rage Glyph

  • Legendary Wisdom Glyph

  • Mythic Dark Flak Resist

  • Mythic Fire Turret Frenzy

  • Mythic Fire Turret Resist

  • Mythic Fire Turret Striker

  • Mythic Healing Mark Glyph

  • Mythic Ice Turret Frenzy

  • Mythic Ice Turret Frenzy Glyph

  • Mythic Ice Turret Resist

  • Mythic Ice Turret Resist Glyph

  • Mythic Rage

  • Mythic Rage Glyph

  • Mythic Wisdom Glyph

Then you can add runes and glyphs for ONLY the newest spells on this season’s dragons and older season’s dragons. NO RUNES FOR SPELLS UNDER PLATINUM TIER SPELLS


because u guys are dumb keep pourng money for those greedy PG


When they first introduced these chest, i complained because they seemed to promised Mythic runes. I told them it was false advertising and requested my money back. They refused.
I have not bought a single of those chests ever since. Your pictures showed why no one should but people keep doing it

I got that one

Lol. Congratulations for being one of the very rare players that received a crappy rune :joy:

Maybe but the mythical wisdom that I got with that one and rage made it worthwhile :scream: and I only opened one set :joy: