Rare Archer Frenzy rune

I just received the Rare Archer Frenzy rune from the Armory. I can not equip on any of my towers. It says there aren’t any runes in my inventory. What do I do? Why doesn’t the help desk handle any of our problems?

When did you file a ticket with help desk?

Could you go into your Rune Vault and show us a picture of the rune you’re trying to equip?

the ones I see are already equipped (the little castle icon)

Am I missing something?

Isn’t it already equipped? That’s it in the first picture right??

The one I can’t equip is the level 1 rare Archer Frenzy, right below the lumber production.

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Can you screenshot the screen when you go to equip it?? Also can you screenshot the particular towers rune slots

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Is your tower maxed on rune, if so remove one

Could you show us the monument you are trying to attach it to please?

Have you got a screenshot of the towers inventory. So when you tap them, go to equip the rune and it’s blank??

If you can screenshot the towers inventory, so the runes that are already equipped, and the screen where your trying to equip but it’s not there then that may help

Here’s your problem. Those are glyph slots. Normal runes can’t fit in. If you go to another tower with the top two slots available it should fit

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All of my towers look the same. So they can only have 2 runes equipped?

Yup. Mines a little clearer so here is my version

Yes. The circles (runes) have 2 slots, the glyphs (diamonds) have three.

Think of them as two different types of runes. You can have two normal runes and three glyphs. You can’t fit a glyph in a rune slot or rune in a glyph slot

How can you tell? They all say rune.

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For yours glyphs look like octagonal