Rare things in game


I was talking to my team earlier today and I brought up “Super Thunderstorms” and a lot of the members didn’t know what they were.
I was just wondering if anyone else has anything “rare” that a lot of people don’t know about.


I don’t have any of these but here are some I can quickly think of.

Super freeze
Dragons (zalon, anything before seasons)
Portraits (world event, beta, early events)
Old armor


I’ve also seen a multiple shot death gaze equippable spell, but I don’t have any. And by seen it, I mean I’ve seen the icon for it if you scroll through all the items you can equip to your dragon. I’ve never actually seen one used.


I think Ruby Elite would also fall into the category.


Atlas :rofl:


I still have some super heals… and my super frieze which I use very rarely.


Food during a feeding event


Or lumber in the first minutes of a fort event


and food during feeding events :slight_smile:

On that note, who else is getting food requrements for egg token runs … lolol


I freaking hate when it does that during feeding events!


it’s almost all i’ve seen this weekend …


:scream: how awful!


They used to be rewards in events and I think gold chests before we started getting a million ice and fire shards and black pearls. Would be nice to see a few of them appear as rewards again hint hint :wink:


Forge level 999? :rofl: my forge doesn’t let me upgrade anymore… it always just says “upgrades coming soon” lol.


Some of my rarer consumables and a rare-ish older divine (Ormarr)


Is super charged lightning and super thunderstorm to powerful?


Super powerful…


How to get them ?


They are out of reach for us peasants :pensive:

If you don’t have em now you’ll never have em!


I also have Ormarr :innocent: