Rare things in game


They’re not availavle anymore, there are a version of thunderstorm before it was weakened.


All I have is a couple of super thunderstorms and a Khrysos and Garzev with full armor (don’t ask me why I can’t put Garzev’s armor on Frostbiter which is the exact same dragon just different colors).

What I have never seen is Multi-Deathgaze. :flushed:


This was give as a prize in some events early on.

The other are more common because they were (mostly) given as replacements for when spells were weakened. So super thunderstorm has the damage percent of the original TS, although it has been changed to red now, so it has been nerfed. The other super items, at least that I have, were given when those spells were weakened as well. Given as in, they replaced consumables I had forged when the old stats were active.


I have obtained my super thunderstorms only through event prizes and have seen lots of them being used.
I have just never seen someone own or use Multi-Deathgaze. The regular Deathgaze can already be used twice in a row, how does the multi work?


It’s a kill all spell. entire island will be cleared. i have only seen it used once and it was 3 years ago. I dont think they gave many out to begin with.


Woah :scream:


PG just loves to tease us latecomers with all these unobtainables…


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