Rating Points Broken?

I’m not sure how this works. How do the number 2,4 and 12th team declare, wave and lose together. And we only get 2 points?


Because your rating is way higher to begin with.

Still doesn’t really seem fair. I understand why it is done though.

Seems fair to me, why get good points from teams rated so much lower than yourself?

what do you need ranking points for? Oh right this has nothing to do with that… he is trying to rub it in lol


True this is only really a problem in D1 with certain teams. I agree any other league this is redundant and shouldn’t change.

Hmm… I do see your point though.

I just wondered if there was a problem with their current algorithm. Wanted to do my due diligence.

This is why you can’t start a team in bronze, declare wars on every team and end up in D1 at swap, be glad it’s this way

I figured they’re still in diamond and they declared. But guess the maths are what they are :thinking:

Dreads rating is like 250+ the rest of the league… You don’t need more lol

Time to throw some wars for rating points.

Losing wars to those teams rated so much lower, HURT BAD, but then they can get more points back :joy::joy:

Seems a bit broken :unamused:

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I promise it’s working as it should, and I’m sure @PGJared would agree.

Sorry for tagging you so much buddy

I’m not seeing a major issue here, but if there’s enough concern we can look into the maths behind the ratings.

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Theres not. Please dont consider changing something that is working perfectly fine bc someone used it as a veil to do a bit of (harmless) trolling.

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Shouldn’t there be a 1 point minimum for winning?

Lol, obvious troll. The reason you (Dreadnought specifically) fight and win wars, is obviously to stay number 1. If you want to win ranking points instead, then be closer to the other teams :wink:

I’m always impressed by your ability to handle triple team waves :clap: but don’t expect me to sympathise for not earning ranking points or for getting coordinated declares. Out of interest, what were the defence numbers?

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I just think you should get something out of it. They are relatively close. Same league? 2,4 and 12? If it’s not broken then don’t think of it as fixing it. Maybe updating? Attach some kind of achievement to it?

2250 extra eggs isn’t “something out of it”? wow you are not easy to please lol