RavenShieldz is recruiting!

Hello, I am one of 4 current officers of the team RavenShieldz, a very active team in Gold 1 that is on the verge of joining the platinum league! We’ve been doing great in wars, average is 230-250 flames but we need 100% as we once we’re in platinum, we intend to stay there.

We do really well in events too and we hae a blast! Once you get to know us you’ll see how fun, respectful and ambitious we are. We finished 2nd in the last breeding event in Gold 1, 6th in the King of the Hill event in Gold 1 and many others.

We have level 100’s in the team who love the team and have a level 240 to help when the rest of the team can’t. We help as much as we can and make sure never to stop fighting no matter the odds! We always give it our best and we always protect our own!

We ask for players to participate in wars and events and we understand that everyone has lives outside the game. If you join us that makes you part of the family and you will be added to a Line application group that we use to talk outside the game if you’re interested.

We would appreciate any other level 100’s would be interested to join as we respect them and with their experience the entire team can learn! We’re currently on 50 players but if any active player is interested I will make space for you.

Thank you and happy hunting!

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