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Let’s use this thread to discuss the issues at hand with @PGawal! I’ll be monitoring this as well, so feel free to tag me if you feel something super needs eyes on it. :slight_smile:


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My Response: A letter from the community


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Yes. Buff the hp and attack of towers 81-90. Allow gpf to test before it goes live.


Please listen more carefully to the GPF. I’m under the impression that they are not always given enough attention even though they are very aware of the issues ingame, from the player and “active” side. They are a great group of bright people who might see issues ahead of time and help prevent them I think.

What I mean is that sometimes the developers being too close to the game features (and pain points) might not see the problems those features could create, so they need to trust the players they chose as intermediary and advisors to point out these issues and work actively together to solve it.

It’s my personal opinion that sometimes their advices are overlooked. Also I might be very wrong about how this Faction works due to the high level of secrecy (NDA) around them so I apologize in advance for any misconceptions.


If the problem is isolated to that set of towers I think we would be very open to testing increasing their power. And of course testing with GPF.


While this addresses the balancing issue, the main issue at hand is releasing 10 levels of towers over 2 fortification events. This hinders the growth of F2P players compared to the spenders and alienates them.

Is it feasible to break the current increase of tower levels into two fortifications? I understand that this requires rollbacks to those who have already built to level 90 towers. This would be a good start for a short term goal (an immediate one)


In regards to power balance, I’d like to repost my suggestion from my OP

Personally, I felt that the balance during the Vanguard dragon tier was perfect. During this tier, an average flier can take down an average base. An excellent flier can take down an end-game base. Two or more excellent fliers were needed to take down end-game bases with defenders.

Establishing what % of the base a dragon at different tiers can beat would likely be a good formula moving forward. As suggested above, allow the GPF to test properly and thoroughly before releasing it. What’s the point of having a gameplay faction if you’re not looking considering their feedback seriously?


I apologize in advance if the following suggestion doesn’t pertain to the current issue at hand but someone has to say it so here goes:

Adding the ability to remove runes from older dragons will give players with limited resources a chance to keep up with the quality of dragons used. A lot of players feel that when the bases are tougher they do not stand a chance against those bases due to the lack of good runes on the dragons.

I feel that this addition will help balance the dragons against tougher more harder bases once the tower levels are rebalanced.


Agreed here - @PGLawson is gonna post a thread on the GPF to resolve what the %'s should be and we will test the tower strengths till we get there


It’d probably be useful to be able to post new topics (or PG posts topics) to split out parts of the conversation into logical sections, along with supporting additional items that might not have been covered, so that it’s easier to prioritize.


I think this thread for tower power / cost is reasonable - if there are other topics we should be covering we can open threads for them


Cadence is missing (went from equivalent tower power spanning 5 towers to 10), and Ignito had dragon rune removal. There are also a massive amount of other topics, but those are likely out of scope for the purposes of the discussion that may need to be split off later.


I think cadence and cost are in the same bucket at least in my mind? Im waiting on King to continue the convo on that part

Rune removal is in our backlog and slotted for later this year. We have heard it loud and clear that that is a top ask by the community


Just making sure that it isn’t forgotten about :slight_smile: . It felt much more rewarding when it was at five instead of 10 towers due to seeing and making a meaningful difference. Building is just out of necessity to level dragons now. There’s zero “excitement” in it.


In regards to cadence, it would be great if it was only 5 tower levels released each time but I don’t think that’s realistic for the company’s bottom line. It should be stated that increasing tower levels from 5 to 10 is a solution suggested to fix a problem caused by developers in the first place. I can’t imagine any players requested for this to be the way to fix things. Making players pay more than double for the same mediocre result is causing a major strain. If we paid double, we’d expect better results. Unfortunately, as you’ve seen, even level 90s isn’t getting the job done against dragons, a tier or even 2 tiers prior.

  • Extension of half price dragon.

:red_circle:Perception of “end game” is skewed and needs to be understood. “End game” should not include players that have 4 islands of maxed towers and the top dragons. End game should be end game, all islands full of max towers, all dragons etc(JL). The perception is that many players are at end game, but that is not the case at all. It’s honestly a huge problem in the game that nobody is discussing and it is a root cause for other issues. The definition of end as the volume of ppl that have reached that should drive cadence. The disconnect leads to what players feel is an expedited cadence. Even the idea of balancing the towers and dragons…need to know what end game is.
If you just say aby drags beat 90s then is 5 90s enoguh? If so, why get a full base of 90s?

  • Scale ember drop amounts (1,500-5000 or higher) for players above x dp or level and have embers drop during pvp events also. One girl that posted on your forum post made a great analogy - If the cost of groceries increase every year, but you don’t get an increase in pay, eventually you can’t afford your groceries. Somehow the higher level players need to, in essence, receive an increase in income to purchase needed items reasonably. Not easily, but nearly as expensive as it is now.

  • Some sort of rune removal payment system(like monuments).

  • Slow down the cadence - 5 levels per season, max. Maybe every 18 weeks even(3 tier/tower increases per year).

  • Tower costs - cadence has increased and costs have risen with it. If we ask for a slower cadence, it also should then result in reduced cost.

Balance to the cost of seasons. No f2p should be able to max a season, sure. But it shouldn’t require excessive spending, being a top team, etc.

  • Scaling of the dragon vs base dilemma. Ideas(not something that I have any great ideas for).
    • Have dragons with less power and a seasonal option to boost dragons that scales with the base boost.
    • Go back to embers - if they were cheaper and timers more readily available, players would extend their bases and make their bases stronger.

Side note - If pg genuinely reacts positively to this, it’ll also be our job to support them publicly for doing so.


For sure, if PG committed to the power spread across so many levels making a meaningful difference, it’d also work out. Seeing no difference at all is just disappointing.

They have access to spreadsheets regarding power differentials across tiers, so that’d likely be a good place for them to start commenting on. Testing also doesn’t make a difference if the final release ends up being different.


Im happy to open another thread to start talking about this, but want to focus this thread on the tower issues King mentioned


Certainly releasing tower tiers contributes to the financials on WD. Currently we get a new tier of towers every 3 fort events. What are the things you would like to see? I know the power (or value) of upgrading the towers is heavily tied to this also.