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PG, would it be possible to push a mandatory update on the app sooner than whatever the current required update time is? I think a few hours after update launch to the App stores is reasonable. My justification for this is as follows: It makes it darn near impossible to effectively manage wars, especially if there are multiple occurring to manage who should and should not update. Why? Because some players on the opposing team update and some don’t. So, those that update can only defend attacks from those that updated and vice-a-versa. For instance, it’s been over 24 hours since the last update and our entire team updated, however we just had a war attack where the attacker has yet to update so no one is able to defend. Let’s be honest, most wars now are determined by defenses. No defense opportunity = possibility of lost war because of an app update. IMO, not updating to the new app could be considered an exploit that PG is knowingly allowing. Additionally, pushing the update sooner allows for bug feedback sooner and (hopefully) bug repairs sooner. Also, there have been numerous times we weren’t aware there was an updated version released until we try to load the game and receive the pop-up. So it may not be intentional neglect to update that causes this.

My suggestion is that when a new version is released onto the app stores, players should be required within a few hours to update to the newest version to access the game, similar to how it is currently done if you wait too long and will get a pop-up when you try to load the game. Alternatively, could you look into making the “new” version and the “old” version compatible for a short period to mitigate this issue if an earlier update push is not possible and still allow for defenses? @pgjared


They have talked about this in many other threads. They can’t push it because Apple releases it to different people at different times… Can be up to a 24h delay for some people which is why they have it set at 24h after the release before a mandatory update is required. According to PG.


If it’s a 24 hour push, then there shouldn’t be anymore unupdated attacks. However, it’s over 24hours and we just had one that hadn’t updated. So idk, maybe a compatibility could be set up to bridge the gap between the two updates until the update is mandatory.


Oh i may have been wrong about that 24h force part. try searching the other treads where they were talking about this recently, id do it but im lazy.


I looked for other threads regarding this and didn’t see any, maybe I just didn’t look hard enough :joy:


Well Gox1201 just referenced the 24h thing i said in a different post so im just glad im not going crazy thinking i saw that somewhere recently. oh well


This discussion has already been started and answered here:

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