Re: AutoBattle … Hunter Ammo Mechanics

AutoBattle was ameliorated not long ago for hunters, such that their ammo wouldn’t overshoot the boats, towers, and monuments. This was a change to the feature that increased its viability to a considerable extent. However, it still has some kinks that need to be ironed out, one of which I intend to highlight here.

When AutoBattle is used on a hunter, the approach that the feature will typically take is to deplete the entire bar and then to hopelessly launch consistent breath attacks at a tragically glacial speed. With or without an aviator, this playstyle isn’t optimal; it’s catastrophic, and can only end in curtains. It’s a very minor hiccup when hitting down, but a very major issue when hitting on an equal footing or at a higher edge (in which case it shouldn’t be used at all anyway).

While keeping the aforementioned systemic fixes in place, I think AutoBattle should be designed to launch barrages of breath attacks in sequence, as opposed to focusing too heavily on shooting the shots and aiming to kill a tower, while not managing to kill a tower; this would leave a small window open that is dedicated purely to allowing the ammunition bar to replenish itself, which to my observation of general hunter-based convention, is critical to flying hunters.

The bar of ammo is like a human muscle, and shooting out its fuel is like the energy one expends during a workout; just like it’s important to rest between serious workouts in order to prevent strain, it’s important for hunters to conserve their ammo in battle. Doing anything other than that with a dragon is equivalent to exercise that is so vigorous, you work yourself to the grave. The operation of tapping through a bar that has already been exhausted is pointless, especially since by the time the tower that the dragon is aiming at is only about halfway dead, the dragon itself is annihilated.


Never really used Auto on Hunters seems pointless to even improve auto on Hunters when you actually need flexibility and thinking and strategizing with hunters on regular bases. I only use it on sections of bases that don’t really require much effort to kill. I find it more better on Sorcerers same goes for warriors like hunters but only when hitting invaders most, but the addition when it comes to warriors is which warrior you use it with mine is normally Nockmar, however most of the time auto is best on sorcerers only.


folk wanting a better autopilot on a hunter to auto run events for free points which would quickly become its main use is not a desperate fix that’s needed


The only hunter I’ve ever used auto attack with is Xul because his ammo can be replenished so quickly that I don’t really have to worry about spending time reloading it. But yes I agree, because if I use it with other hunters I usually turn it off between islands to let it refill.


That’s a bold assumption. I can imagine that’s the case for others, not me.

Others may want this when they make their suggestions, but unlike them, I tend to go for quality over quantity.

The suggestion is somewhat valid at the end of the day, because if a feature doesn’t work at its best, it might as well not even exist. Not suggesting that should be the case, though.

I agree! Lo and behold, I’ve shared the same perspective on this for quite a while. And if AutoBattle is only optimal for warriors and sorcerers, maybe it should be removed from hunters since it’s not effective there. (Invokers already lack this ability, but I suspect that’s primarily due to their class structure and attack method. Case in point, they do not have it because it wouldn’t work for them; there’s some resemblance here.)

The suggestion was not to invalidate current hunter mechanics, nor was it to advocate for automatic desolation; it was to better the mechanics we currently operate under, which as a whole, take precedence over everything else. Anything else is deviant at best.

There are rare cases that make it worth keeping even for hunters.

Certain spells block player taps from firing hunter’s breath attacks for a brief moment while having auto-attack enabled bypasses that bug.

Aerow and Reyze both had that bug, iIrc, with one of their spells each.


It can be removed from hunters…. Turn it off. Simple


It’s useful for invaders. Just because it’s useless doesn’t make it entirely useless doesn’t mean you should be entitled to remove something that can be a good thing.

not that bold its what it used for now hitting down and gold runs. making it better will only enable the auto pilot to hit higher.

having it at all is just a quality of life improvement for gold runs and the quick heal time of current season dragons. The main reason in fact i don’t like the invoker as it has a quick heal but cant auto fly.

just dont see the need or the benefit my hunters of a season or two ago can clear bases on auto where my warriors either die or get 50% thanks to the oreys.

anyway good luck with your efforts in this

Which invoker are you even talking about? Each dragon is built differently

Besides certain dragons on auto can kill a base on auto pilot but their spell sets must be adding on damage, and a stun to do so they have to be similar to Nockmar to even auto on level or a little above tier level.

Take a guess which invoker or any dragon has a quick heal?…clue current season dragons heal quick

I like to farm gold with current season discount dragon as it heals quick and saves potions. Yes I have enough potions but why would I waste them.

pre load hunters one shot spell … before entering another island …voila …full ammo refill

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I think there are a LOT more pressing issues, like fixing, or rather even addressing or even acknowledging, bugged dragons than fixing something that was designed to save time on menial token and invader runs.

Not saying auto couldn’t use some tweaking, but look around the forums. Other than some menial posts and dropping announcements and running, PG has been silent for a long time.

Starting to think the end is near.


My invokers collect dust because of this feature. I ready a one-shot, cloak, or any spell available to allow the ammo to replenish. However, a slight/quick pause after a tower is destroyed might be a good idea but certainly not needed. After the spamming of ammo on boats was fixed, everything was fine for me. I auto attack everything and everyone unless there’s troops involved. When hitting CG’s I use dragons with a blast spell because I dont have Krelos :face_in_clouds: Zahhak, an invoker has 2 :upside_down_face:

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