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Hi pg, I Attack over 20 times in current event. Nothing not a single stuff drops out from destroyed towers or monuments. What is happening? I delete game and reinstalled twice. Doesn’t help’ it’s wasting time to Attack event.

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are you attacking the AI Bases? If yes, if your level is too high, I think the drop is affected by it since you need to attack someone close to your level to actually have a chance of getting items.


What the point in this game if too much rules and restriction. No point getting stronger drag right? If you use weak drag to Attack strong base, you get killed you get nothing. Game is suppose to rewards players for spending time and money to play. Even when I follow my teammates In their attacks nothing drops out the attacks. This game is not consistent. Some Seasons it drops normally. And now nothing drops. I think the AI is corrupted. Every few months it falls sick and I don’t get drop/ other time they are ok. Irregardless or my drag lvlsi get drops in Attack.

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The point of the rule is to discourage those massively higher level from farming weaker players. It encourages people to hit up and fly better.

Don’t get me wrong, with PVE bases this is iffy as there isn’t an option to hit up.

I’d suggest hitting a few players your level and higher to see if anything drops. If it does, it just means the difference in your level and the PVE base is too high. If it doesn’t drop anything after like 10, there is probably another problem

If the highest base available in event is vampire isle. Then nothing you can do to find even higher targets. Then is game design flaws. Pg don’t expect player to wait for hours for enemy pvp then come back and play right? Motivation and player experience. Is it still there? Game need to be engaging fun and rewarding for player to continue to spend time to play. If not, when more player starts to drop out then it’s no longer a fun game anymore. A game that is around for 4 years old. Need to seriously thinks about maintaining players expectation and experience.

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I mean. I literally said it was iffy with regard to PVE in my post. I’m defending nothing here. Just explaining.

I was also trying to work out if you had an issue with drops that prevented you getting them. If you want to test it try the final part of my post to see if you actually have a glitch.


What OP is describing doesn’t sound like AP vs DP rates, as even higher AP you only have a reduced drop rate.

If you’re getting absolutely no drops that’s a ticket item, good luck.

I haven’t been seeing any chest drops in flight but I do get them in the results screen.

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No, it means that you are below the lower limit threshold of attack v defense power…


Last TG I received zero drops in flight on and pve island, so far I’ve had 2 bronze chests drop in flight, one on a lvl 70 base and the other on a lvl 110. So I guess it is somewhat possible?

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You miss the first line of my post? I’ve gotten drops from Msmersy’s bridge so NO drops shouldn’t happen. Low drops yes but not none.

It’s either level or defense power.
Just try if you can get any drop from lv 50 and less level…

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Hmm considering Msmersy is what 119 I think, so maybe. First time I’ve heard level part, just DP vs top 3 AP. Interesting, thanks.

Edit: tested a few vs lvl 48, no drops :+1:

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I’ve probably gotten 3 chests from pve in the last 100 attacks. It is annoyingly as intended, but they do give a chest at the end of the basic attacks most of the time.

I took some of the advise given on forums. Use amarok a lower tier drag to Attack claw island in this event. Guess what, nothing drop at all. No chest, no spells, no speed boost, no health boost. Nothing drop at all. Clearly the AI base glitched. I been attacking AI base in this event from Friday till now Sunday. Nothing has drop out from The towers and monuments. I been following teammates in their Attack on AI base in event too, nothing drops out for me. PG can you look into it?

Why are you expecting anything out of the ai bases?

What level are you?

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Any drops from non AI bases? And what is your level

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