Re-Organize Leagues and Scale Team Prizes by Sub-league as well

I’d like to propose a few suggestions regarding reorganizing Leagues and why I think it would make the game more interesting.

  1. Make Plat 3-4 into “Gold” leagues and Plat 1-2 the only Platinum leagues.

How would this help?
There is a huge gap between Plat leagues. Several of the comments related to the Gauntlet changes have been in regards to doubling the health have been that in Plat 1 or 2 this is fine, but by the time you get to Plat 4 those teams won’t be able to finish any PvP islands. Blanket changes made by PG would be better received if the Leagues were somewhat equal.

  1. Re-Level the PvE bases in PvP events. Currently Platinum high bases are lvl 130. I’m in Plat II and our lowest player is around level 200. This makes events like Gauntlet and the new version of Kingdom Wars extremely boring. The max base in my opinion should be at least lvl 300, probably lvl 400. The levels should be regularly scaled as players are regularly growing.

How would this help?
This would allow for more chest drops and allows the bases to be remotely interesting.

  1. Scale Event Team Prizes by sub-league similarly to how D1 and D2 are scaled.

It may not make sense to have the Team Prize for Rank 1 of Sapphire III equal to Prize 25 of Sapphire II because by the time you reach lower leagues there would be no more prizes to receive, but it doesn’t make sense to be receiving the same prizes in Sapphire I than you are in Sapphire III when those players are working much harder to compete.

How would this help?
It would incentivize moving up within Leagues and prevent some sandbagging. I’ve been on a team where we decided to move to the bottom of Sapphire by throwing wars just to receive better prizes in the events. This is a strategy forced by how prizes are currently set up. An extra 50 egg tokens a day is not enough to encourage teams to try.


try diamond whos working even harder to get the same rewards pretty much as bronze

That’s a good point as well, I was referring before only to Team Prizes, but if personal prizes were scaled to an extent it would further discourage sandbagging. I’m just not sure how that would mess up the currencies, if they scale too high getting both mythics could become too easy without paying, scale too low and F2P and E2P would be too difficult to get any mythic.

Perhaps scaling the egg tokens and timers in personal prizes, these are the two items needed for progression and could help offset the constant increase of prices.

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yea its nuts being diamond should give more rewards as we are slamming higher and not just the end prizes facing 80b plus bases should be rewarding

Its not just the prizes, the whole game economy is based on a game created years ago without changes. Timer economy, chests rework all got big announced by Pg yet they do nothing expect raise coasts to play the game( like actual Gauntlet).


Yes, and I believe scaling prizes based on league and sub-league could reduce sandbagging as well as improve the economy. As always there has to be balance, PG still wants people to pay so they can’t give out too many timers and egg tokens, but at the same time if the ever increasing prices push too many people away from the game it would also hurt PG. I obviously don’t have real numbers on monetary figures so I won’t venture to comment on how much PG could make or would lose.

If only someone suggested scaling event prizes by subleague when they (same someone) designed the sub leagues. Four years ago?

Oh wait.



The issue with increasing personal prizes by tier is that it would ultimately make seasons more expensive for everyone not in diamond and exponentially more in each league below.

PG needs to maintain solid profits and increasing prizes for the top players and spenders makes the seasons cheaper thus reducing profits. PG would need a way to recoup those profits. So really personally prizes are best left untouched in regard to leagues. They should be the same across the board.

Now the same is true for increasing team prizes per sub league but to a lesser extent. Sure it will fix the sandbagging but what will it do in the long term for season costs? So it’s a tough balance.