Re: Update 4.85

Android user here, kinda disappointed.

I got up, started the game, and whatever I tapped gave me no response. So I checked Google Play.

After the update my game has become laggy, and deploying the bottom spell is a nightmare, because 1 out of 3 attempts fails. The dragon shoots there instead.

What’s your experience?

i still see all teammates and other team’s player offline, so didnt fix that either

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Now that you mentioned, I checked and my entire team is offline (there are 6 of us actively using chat as we speak)

Players online status is still being investigated as to what the root cause of the issue is.


@Arelyna my player on my team still can’t upgrade he was told the next update should fix it but it didn’t. He has not been able to get any points this event because he keeps getting sync errors when he builds. Please double check on his post in the forums it’s under sync errors when building.

So I assume player status I assume will never be fixed considering how long null group chat has existed?


I have the issue of my dragon firing in random spots also… SUPER fun during wars :expressionless::expressionless:

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I know I say this all the time, but please submit a ticket if you haven’t already as it helps when we are ticketing for the engineers.

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Link! -->

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just to show what kind of “funny” this update is:

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