Read Forum Threads

Okay, so to start off, I’m going to say that the title is the form of the word using the short e — the way you’d say it in the past tense of “read”. Obviously I wouldn’t be making this thread about the following thing though if I’d already read all of the threads. This is all beside the point though, as it is merely an English lesson, and this is not English class. Moving on (and blurring this since I’ve deviated from the topic of my own thread :sweat_smile:)…

Is there a way to mark all forum posts in a category as “read”?

By reading everything. Other than that, I don’t think so.


Okay. I thought there was a way to. Just wanted to make sure :slightly_smiling_face:

@moderators this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a way, just scroll down to the bottom and move on


For the threads I don’t want to see anymore (like really low level recruitment or old threads that pop up occasionally) I mark them as muted. Don’t know if that helps your situation :man_shrugging:


I don’t get this thread :sweat_smile: maybe because I lost interest in reading it after certain word triggers

You can mute entire categories, that way, new topics in that category will never pop up in your latest or new threads

Just go to the category you want to mute, and click the bell, then mute