Really getting tired of pg's resets


I’m getting sick and tired of PG’s resets and they’re inconsistency of 'sync’ing files. I’ve lost egg fragments on breeding Kyrule today, timers on pulling Mehatan out of the incubator so I could put new dragon in and only to lose xp spells on discounted dragon after I cooked him. …I’m pissed.


Contact support… btw did you breed outside of breeding event? :flushed:


It falls on deaf ears…just ranting at the moment. Thanks for listenining.yes, outside of breeding in anticipation of feeding.


When there’s a sync error you usually get your egg tokens and timers back after you get back in the game (not sure if you get your xp boost back). It happens to me a lot. Check again to see if the stuff you spent is still missing from your account - you might need to restart the game again before it remembers that you still have your stuff.