Reason for Atlas button missing

If anyone is wondering why Atlas button is missing, my friend contacted support and that it was because of 3.90 rolling out or something.

Yep. It’s prep for the 3.90 release. We sent a message out to everyone, but the Internet is a series of tubes and it got eaten up somehow. We’re looking into why that is and we’ll resend the message. Sorry for the scare!

Why dont you send a message lets say 1 hour ago before shutting it down? Some of our troops left in the enemy territories.So we have to wait until prep ends or loose all the troops? And also atlas was not down for everyone at the same time. Even though button disappeared for most of us , we still got attacked.

He answered your question before you asked.

I am pretty sure he meant the Restart Required message.

Equestor got angry in his underground lair and ate the mails.

I do agree with some advance warning, though.

No, I mean a “hey, we’re gonna be doing this so FYI” message.

"Dragon Lord,

Please be aware that we are temporarily taking down the Atlas feature for maintenance. We expect this maintenance will last until our 3.90 update is live, though we may need additional time to monitor. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

This message was supposed to go out before taking Atlas down for maintenance, but something went awry.

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Will it be today? :slight_smile:

That’s a great question.

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I apologize then. I hope atlas comes back soon and we dont loose troops because of it.

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