Reasons people get banned


This is a general question. I know of 2 people that got banned. The reasons they claim seem a little suspicious.

One person said he got banned because he didn’t play for a while and he let a friend play his account. So this was for account sharing. I find that somewhat believable, but the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime.

The other claims he got banned for revenge attacking the same base more than 5 times. Farming.

I hear these really wild stories of cheaters that actually manipulate the game, like one shoting an entire base, or somehow get millions of rubies. Sometimes I see bases with 5 farms. These things seem so much worse than allowing your buddy to play your account while you are absent, or farming another player.

I also have a specific question. My wife’s iPhones 6 is not aging gracefully. The game crashes about 4 out 5 times when she’s trying to attack in Atlas. I would offer her to play her account on my iPhone 8 instead, but I am afraid that this will get her banned. So what are the minor offenses, that do not include actual hacking, that will get your account banned?

Thank you!

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Jared has said that playing your account on different devices won’t get you banned. I have a placeholder account that I access on two different phones and it hasn’t gotten banned. Just make sure that your account is logged out of your phone (if you have one there) before you let your wife borrow your phone to play her account :slight_smile:

Thanks Liz!

I am quite sure that those players had other things going on. Perhaps the person who played their account cheated somehow and never admitted to it.

As far as farming, I doubt that will get you banned unless you say some nasty stuff in your messages or on league chat. I have seen players get warned and booted from the game for being nasty to others using in game communication.

Most players who get banned won’t come out and say HEY, I AM A CHEATER AND I GOT WHAT I DESERVED. They will whine and act like they are all innocent and try to get sympathy. Until someone like Jared comes in and sheds a glimmer of light on it and say that they are not telling the whole truth…


Most ban in the past is people buying a pack from other websites that gives tons of rubies and other items (egg token, healing pots and boost) this spoil the game purpose. (Websites that sells packs)

Others are account sharing (2 or more devices same account) not sure if it is still going on?

Another is hacking into getting items (rubies) no purchase needed pure hacks. (Social media hacking promo especially on Insta)

I use my alt and tested on farming. It did not ban me eventhough I attack a player 20 odd times. They can’t actually ban you for farming as of I know because you will attack exp bases, chest base and quest bases over and over again :smile:

As for minor offend? IDK purely rude and insulting to other players maybe :laughing:

You just mentioned account sharing. That would be the same as my wife playing her account on my phone in the evening. Liz said that this would be ok to do. I know it’s a different situation, but in PG’s log files it would show up as 1 account being used in 2 different device IDs.

You have a point with farming. I am farming the gold mine quite a bit, so happy it’s not a bannable offense :smiley:

I absolutely agree with hacks that are apparently available on social media. Not a social media guy myself so I don’t even know any of these.

This is said by PGJared…

And if revenge attack 5x or more is bannable, I’m sure that at least 90%players doing Team Quest have been banned…


Is it true ?

Account sharing is 2 or more people logging into the same account, not 2 accounts being logged into on one device (that’d be device sharing). I think there can be some tech issues caused by switching between accounts on one device ocassionally but not sure on the specifics

At least in each league I’m in, everytime one has revenge mission (and can’t do it properly), they will ask one from LC to become their victim…

Continuing the discussion from Account Sharing Clarification required:

Official quote from Jared.

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A while back, Jared indicated that as far as account sharing it will take obvious violations. Your account being accessed on a particular MAC and IP in California, then 2 hours later being accessed in Tokyo by a completely different MAC, then 3 hours later back in California on the original MAC. It is not possible to get to Tokyo and back that quickly. Just because you play on a different device (say a friend’s iPad) every now and again because your phone broke, that will not be flagged. If it is, you should be able to appeal and explain the situation and get your account back.

Farming someone is in NO WAY a banable offence. Its a war game, attack whomever you like however often you like. That player was hiding what he/she actually did.


Not exactly the same situation, but it might help clarify things a bit:
I have four accounts, and four devices. One of them can barely run the game any more, so when I need to log in to the 4th account, I typically log out of one other devices and log that account in.
At other times, I’ve forgotten my main account device at home, and there is something that I really need to log in and deal with, so I log in to another device with that account.

PG knows there are 4 devices associated with these 4 accounts. And the IP addresses / areas that I normally log in from.
Should an account that normally logged in from 2000 miles away suddenly appear on my device, I’d think that would raise a flag on their end. Or as in InvalidUserID’s example above, if my account appeared on one continent then unreasonably soon show up on another continent, that would be visible to them and probably generate some interest.

So far I have not had anyone official or otherwise question me about my device/account usage. As stated above, the accounts and locations are pretty static, even if the account-device pairings sometimes change.

100% you will NOT get banned for simply attacking someone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 1000 times in a row.

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My account ban. I’m cheat just for fun. For sure I don’t buy pack from other site. Regardless. PG need to patch his cheating feature. Castix already give it to them before why can’t they patch it. I don’t cheat anymore after 10 plus account getting ban​:joy::joy::joy:. If PG don’t patch the feature it cheater will keep coming back.

Or just play the game and not blatantly announce that you’re going to use another persons account so PG won’t know. It’s not like they have a way to know if you are the owner or not. LOL.

Most players here who get banned are like fish, they get caught by their mouths.

“I heard PG bans players who share accounts” “Lemme just freakin send a ticket and tell em i use my friends account” BOOM BANNED! dumass.

All PG has to do patch it and it where the old version of the cheat not working when game update.

If they dont want me to revenge 5 times, they can just disable the button after I hit revenge/attack the same base 4 times.

The fact they leave the button active means this is ok to do

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