RebornPhoenix P3 Atlas Team 50+


Language: Basic Understanding of English and Commands
Time Zone: Any
Played time: At least a few months
Age Range: Anyone with enough maturity to take commands
Elite Account?: Not needed your choice
Dragon Roster Includes: Anything Really
Highest Lineage Dragon: Orange or Green at minimum

About: RebornPhoenix is a P3 team based globally we expect at least 100k medals able to participate in Atlas,Wars and Events. Inactivity is not tolerated but can we can understand that life is more important then the game. We participate in weekly wars and are willing to give guidance to teammates and follow in attack and give resources, but begging is strictly not tolerated those who entered League chat half to act accordingly as not to insult an Entire League but sharing a good time is always permitted. Submit your applications here or to Hominid or just apply whatever is your cup of tea. FIRE & GLORY!


Just a clarification :-. “and give resources, but begging is strictly not tolerated”.

Does it apply during fortification event. Day 2-4?

it’s not begging if you don’t use “:pleading_face:

Fair point.
As a F2P, i generally have ample resources as i don’t use timers during normal days.

I use everything during the fort event only, so the only time i ask is during lumber famine. Once it ends , i farm on my own.

The rss during fortification shouldn’t be a problem there.

It’s the matter of those who whine when not getting resources and are in general total drama queens. Also those who point out spelling errors constantly deserve there own place in the dungeons I’m looking at you Autocorrect :eyes: