Recap: My 2 Year War Dragons Anniversary

Dear Pocket Gems & the War Dragons Community,
thank you for the two years I have been playing with all of you!

Two years ago I started playing this amazing 3D action game with the best theme you could think of: Dragons!
It was fun to figure out the ins and outs, doing egg token missions, breeding and hatching different and exciting dragon classes, pushing away the fog, burning down forests to unlock construction sites, build defense towers and most of all, meeting new friends, joining a team and strategize with the community about dragons and bases.

Two years went by and I wanted to share a quick summary of the Pros and Cons that I have experienced in my WD time.


  • A unique game idea
    The USP of War Dragons in my eyes is that it‘s sort of like a handmade product. There is no other game like this and there never will be. It‘s not a game made with the latest game editor which then looks like every other game. Yes, this is also the root of some problems like bugs and features tend to break for a while but it‘s also the biggest strength as amazing new ideas cam be implemented at great speed and content can be adjusted to player feedback quite well. The final product is what we enjoy everyday and what makes us overlook many of the little bugs because we can play something unique.

  • Instant action
    This is probably what made this game so much fun in the first place, a simple (recently updated) matchmaking and in just a matter if seconds you can burn down those bases without complicated steps, waiting time or strategic planning.

  • Free to play without limits
    Some might disagree with me but I find this game is truly free to play without limiting your gaming experience at all. Paying for an Elite Account is very cheap and just like value packs it will speed up your progression, but there are no limits such as energy to fly your dragons and if you play smart you will have enough heal potions to keep flying. Most other games don’t have that so I want to be thankful here.

  • The new divine system
    The most exciting and hype-generating feature has to be chasing those divine dragons and other great limited time offers which are offered in branches. The overhauled system is so much better now and seems to cater to everyone, low and high levels, low and high spenders.

  • Dragon Riders and Runes
    This is my personal favorite as an MMO-lover and I‘ve always wondered who tames, feeds or rides dragons since I started this game. I like the offensive and defensive uses and the gear crafting to always be able to improve your dragon a little more.
    I also loved the rollout of runes and glyphs to not just boost stats but actually strengthen your favorite skills so you can customize your dragon to better fit your playstyle.

  • Community created content
    Although I hardly have time to enjoy hours of livestreams, I absolutely love how there is more and more interactivity and that the community was already able to create dragons, spellsets, monuments, portraits and dragon riders.


  • Dragon class balance
    It doesn‘t take very long in this game to realize that the dragon classes are very unbalanced and since gold tier I haven‘t used a single warrior or sorcerer in tough PvP battles anymore. This hasn‘t changed in the two years I‘m playing so I‘m hoping that the announced balance changes will go live soon and be one step in the right direction.

  • War tie breaker system
    Wars have become extremely stressful and time consuming with the defense counter basically requiring players to be on watch for 24h to stare at their screens. This is not what I expected from an instant action mobile game.

  • Repetitive maps
    For two years I fly against the same 5 islands and see the same tower designs which gets extremely repetitive and boring. The Atlas base UI was a nice attempt which still has to be polished and I really love the Halloween and Winter theme to at least change the colors a little. A few new towers have been added to the game as well and I hope the traditional towers will get a nice makeover some time to make the everyday gameplay a little more exciting again.

  • Unfinished content
    There were many great ideas but sadly some of them did never see a proper update like Runes (excited what 2018 will bring us since there was an announcement about a workover). And some didn‘t even get finished or properly rolled out like the long awaited Salvage Shop or the almost forgotten Dragon Armor.

A Big Thank You

…to my Diamond team :fleur_de_lis: TheEmpire :fleur_de_lis: , you guys are a great family, a home and an amazing bunch of people who are a helpful, organized and incredibly teamplay orientated!

…to all the friends I have made from all over the world, in game, on the forums and on different chats, you‘re all amazing!

…to the Pocket Gems team for making this game the great game it is today, for being open and communicative, interactive on all kinds of media channels and responsive to our questions and ideas on this forum!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 where keep burning down those bases!

:fire: Thank You :fire:

PS: This is not a quitting-post :wink:


I would also like to say special thanks for the great time to:

Joseph, our beloved and not forgotten friend who gave the community a voice in the PG office and who put up with us ln the old forums while he was with us, you‘re still missed!

@PGDave for the great work on Atlas, the fast response and long discussions.

amoeba, Abombs, Salamanca and rod-, for the best WD website ever made: amoebastudios and for the great guides and amazing input on the old forums.

@TheRedDelilah for the great work on breeding guides, tools and streams.

@mechengg for the great work on the fortification planner that you continued for Gambrin.

@forScience for countless other great tools like the dragon XP and lookups.

@Gox1201 for your amazing Atlas guide.

To everyone I forgot to mention, there are so many great community created guides and tools out there!


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