Recap of Altas Lag

So since all other posts about the continued Atlas issues, I have decided to create a recap. Time line if you will:
Opened 21 days ago
Atlas lag-attack button castle menu -No reply from PG
Opened 20 days ago
Atlas lag is ridiculous
Replied 16 days ago acknowledging an issue:

Closing of the thread:

Opened 8 days ago

Closed 14 hours ago with this as solution:

Here is the latest we can expect a fix for this problem, maybe.
SO in summation please add to this post so we can continue to track its “progress”
And I am so excited that after 30 days, which is $20 US for elite I have wasted. That the issue “Might” be fixed


SO my question is when these atlas issues go past 30 days, will we be credited our elite payment?
OR will you extend everyones elite for 30 days?
Or will you use that to hire better and competent programmers and we get nothing?

Likely neither … sadly

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What they should really be worried about is that there are not hundreds of replies to these posts. When your player base starts to get apathetic you need to start panicking. Maybe everyone is submitting tickets, but somehow I doubt it.

It’s really unfortunate. Dungeons was a big win with the player base imo.

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I have instructed my team to send in DAILY. I have also asked my 5TA to support this too!
We need to flood them DAILY with this! They have broken their own game, with sub par programmers and “Thank you for your continued patience” Well my patience has RAN OUT!

did you seriously just put pg hiring better & more competent programmers as an option?

i seriously doubt that’ll ever happen. -though i can still agree that it is very probable for us to get nothing.

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already a freaking issue again and atlas has only been back up for an hour!!!

That re cap was thorough and depressing I’m impressed and depressed
I must confess this isn’t the best :crazy_face:


They want castles to change hands more often but can’t get more than a 5ta on castle. Usually it’s the enemy alliance that shud be stopping takeover rather than poor server with mad latency :man_shrugging:PG is all teams biggest enemy in the game atm

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you got your whole TA there? WOW

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