Receiving the incorrect team reward from KoTH


I just happened to click back into the event menu. Got quite the suprise. My team moved up four positions. From 12th to 8th…After the reward for 12th place had been given. Between the broken wars, PG’s inabilities to keep servers functioning properly, and now broken events… I know you’re not responsible for the devs. However, as moderators. Perhaps you could express consern. I for one am getting tired of the ineptitude. We had to complain about this last pvp event. @PGJared


Bruhhhh… two words. League. Change. See if you can figure it out from there.


It’s not that. People received two prizes in some cases. One for 12th and one for 8th. I know how the league change should work. But, like I said. This happend in the last pvp. But we caught it quickly and PG gave us 3rd like we were supposed to have.


@Lutrus. Thanks for the ever precise understanding you give to every single issue.


Hello, Stumbldore

After further review, our records show that you received the correct team prize. Currently, our event ranking dynamically updates based on your team and subdivision that you are currently in.

If the team rank that you see does not match the prizes you received, you likely are collecting your event team prize after league updates. Therefore, if you are collecting your team prizes after you switched teams or if your team moved up or down after the event ended or after league updates, your rank will not match your prizes.

We apologize for the confusion. We plan on working on making your event team’s rank stay static so that it doesn’t change after league updates or if you switch teams. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Not a single person left the team. Or joined. Points stayed the same.


I thought that was pretty clear. Team points stay the same after league restructure, but because there are new teams now in your league your ranking will change depending on those new teams joining.

Your prize is based on your ending rank at time event ended - so you did get what you were supposed to get which is 12th. 8th just means you moved into a league with more teams that scored less than you last event.

Can’t be any clearer imo…:man_shrugging:


So, would you be complaining if you went from 12th to 25th and got 12th place prizes?

I’m guessing no.


Glad I could help!


This. Right. Here.


Yes I agree with that. That wasn’t the issue. We have multiple people on the team recieveing both prizes. So, which is it. Are some of us in 12th? While others recieve both prizes? You’re not even agreeing with what the mod has said lol. He states that it’s possible to recieve both prizes.

And if my team gets 25th. Then we’re 25th.

Hypothetically, If I wait till after the league change. Then collect my prize. I’ll also be rewarded for a platinum 2 prize. That’s what the mod states must have happened. I guess you guys are cool with a broken game.


Also, they clearly state I didn’t recieve double prizes. Get on some magic rainbow :rainbow:


Every. Single. Game. Has. Glitches.

Several members of your team lucked out apparently. If they’re telling you the truth and not trolling you. It happens. It’s in their favor. Your post wreaks of jealousy at not getting lucky as well. I suggest being happy for your teammates and letting it go. As far as glitches and bugs go, this is low totem stuff.

The whole broken game argument is crap btw. Again. Every game has bugs and glitches of some sort. I find it odd that the one you’re ratting out is the one that benefits people other than you. Huh. How about that?




Where in the world does the ‘mod’ (helpdesk) say you can receive 2 prizes? Read carefully - he’s pretty clear.


Seriously, cut it out with the trolling here. Stumbldore, if you can point me to someone on your team who won double prizes in the event I will take a look and see where the issue happened. If not I’m not really going to be able to help.


@PGJared. I sent them to you in a message.


Message received. I’m looking into it now. Also, they have good taste in books.


Agreed. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan was my fantasy epic though. All…17 books :man_shrugging:


Wow! I never made it past…I think it was Path of Daggers. Anyways, launching an investigation. Will reply more tomorrow. Cheers.


Sadly Robert Jordan died of a blood disorder. Right before he could compile the final book. His wife was his life long editor though. She and Brandon Sanderson completed it. Using Jordan’s meticulous notes. It just wasn’t his voice… unfortunately


Yeah, I heard about that. I actually stopped reading the books because Robert Jordan and I had an argument once. Not gonna diss his writing, but he and I had some very different views on a few things and it soured stuff for me.