Recent change in research costs/any compensation?


For those of us that have already done half or most of the green research, should we not be given back the difference in green eggs between the cost of what we have spent before the change and what it actually costs now?

After the recent change in cost, I would have nearly all the green research done if I paid what it costs now. Anybody else have any thoughts on this or have the same thing happen? I valued getting research done over getting dragon eggs for a while, seems like something could be done since the research costs and cannon research were a PG mishap in the first place.

Research costs compensation

This was discussed at length in the old forums too, just after the change. Research costs were not really a mishap. PG cut the costs to help with progress through the green and gold research. and there was vigorous discussions on both sides of the compensation issue from players.

There did not seem to be any inclination on PG’s part to refund egg costs for players who did green research already, I was one of the lucky ones who had only done 1 expensive green research before the change, so I was quite happy to see the cost reduction. I personally think it is part of the game evolving, and it compensation has to be given out every time something is adjusted, there would be no incentive on PG’s part to change anything…


Sounds like you want a hand out instead if working for the benefits the research gives. It’s already cheaper for you to complete, why should it be even easier for you? What about all the players who have already completed the research before the reduction was introduced?
PG have made it easier for newer players to catch up on research in response to numerous posts on the old forums. Be grateful for what they have done instead of expecting more.


This again? Just be thankful already and move on.


Its not like your willing to give back all the RSS you gained, all the flames you won, all the event points you gained, all the extra XP you gotten. etc… from doing the research early in exchange for the eggs crediting back.
Unless you tell them, please deduct 15% of my total RSS gain, rubies gain, exp gain, and event points gain since the research done up to now, even if it puts my number at a significant negative, then maybe they will offer you a refund. :slight_smile:


PG made something to help new players = complain
PG made a dragon a bit powerful (kinnarus and necryx) = complain

I guess PG should not make any improvement because even improving something, they are still getting complaints.


I clearly stated that I valued getting research over getting new dragon eggs for some time. That is not asking for free hand outs. Also was never one to complain about the cost of it.


No, we’re not going to be crediting for the cost change to research. War Dragons is ever-evolving, and the timing of balance changes to progression, combat, etc. won’t always benefit everyone because everybody will be at different points in the game. As much as we would like changes to satisfy everybody all the time, it’s just not sustainable to do so. We’re always looking forward to improving the game in ways that let more players experience more content, even if they’re behind the curve.


How would this be any different from the Grogg refund?

I certainly agree the costs needed to be reduced. I was unable to make it to gold research and I am long past the point where I am generating green research eggs. A refund would allow me to make it to gold, like all the players who follow me. My only option is to find the tokens for 35 green research eggs. And 28 k tokens can’t be spared given the cost of Sapphire dragons.


Research has been in the game for what? 3 years?

Grogg has been in the game for at least 3 months. 1 month or something when it was given a discount.

unless the game just recently released the research hall, they cant compensate the eggs that you have made 2 years ago. you already have the advantage when it comes to playing the game for a long time (not referring to you but for those who want compensation that has played for 2+ years)


You shouldn’t get the difference back. Be a standup person and own your decisions.


So length of time time is your differentiator? I literally spent 70 green research eggs just days before the price cut. Grogg was out much longer before the reduced price and refunds were issued.

CBAteASandwich - go eat another sandwich.


Please see title, I was advised by PG to ask about this on forums. Was not searching for life advice.


The refunded sigils were given for Grogg because it’s a limited time deal & the discount wasn’t announced at the start of the season. Research is permanent, there is no comparison.
I’m still working through orange/green tier research & currently breeding Gold tier dragons. I’m not looking for a handout. If I want the research that badly, I’ll back breed to get the eggs.


In order to progress with my research I need 35 gold eggs, that is a token cost of 75k! Just for the one research!

I made the choice to spend those tokens on an Emerald dragon instead of research. I still want the research, I just need to plan effectively so it doesn’t interfere immensely with my breeding.

Would a refund be awesome, sure, but we don’t need a refund, there is no comparison to Grogg. PG has already told us it is not happening so no sense continuing to complain about it.


I paraphrased your comment above.
EggToken replied with a solution to this thread already so buck up and deal with it please.



We said it so often but there are everytime people who complain. It is different from grogg refund…

Let me tell you, the conditions was very different. A legendary eggtoken drop was 5000, there was times where bronzechest drops was 40-50 common, 400-500 seldom, and 2 k epic…

The drops was more often and i just got with hunting bronze chest in a event about 10k eggtokens extra… its no comparing to today.
The events was different, the dragons had to be breed with others and there you got many eggs too…
The mystic fragments , when came out was alot higher.

So all by all that days you had more, so you was able to spend more… if not seen…

The opposite should be seen… can i ask for the conditions at that days ? Can i say if i open 400 goldchests, i want the drops from years before ? No i cant because its unlogical!

Guys, be happy for this “balance” change, after the things we got was decreasing over the years, so this was necessary.

But instead of understand this, some really just think at themself, unfairly! As i explained you see why!
I wasted green eggs too for things i wouldnt do today, but that was that days that way… and probably we won in events something in exchange, or was in any competition…

So really, i said it many times, and here once more…
There will be no refund, and thats for good reason!!! Be happy for other players, and at todays different situations it makes sense… Thank you!


And yet PG has already answered it. Multiple times. At this point it’s just delusions of grandeur and an inability to cope with consequences of your decisions.

I don’t have time to give you all the life advice you so obviously need. Good luck. Maybe someday you’ll amount to something in game…


They shouldn’t have given compensation for Grogg. That was a terrible move.


I have an idea, lets just complain about everything…


wait you did??


way to kick a gift horse in the mouth people.