Recent connection Issues Pit Event remaining 3 hours


Within the last hour, a number of players on my team and league have been experiencing connection issues. It’s not our end, its PG;s end. I’m able to connect and play yet somehow I keep getting the connection error message from PG. Clearly I have a connection if I can play LOL Game is also very slow to load event attack summaries


Also having lots of issues. Defending is so glitchy it’s pointless to defend


Have the same issue in my team, 6 people including myself. And also some attacks do not count but Inner fires, bottles and boosts are getting lost.
People can’t reach the desired prizes and since its pritty late right now in Russia, just go asleep. Thats really not the best ending of a not the best “Mega fun” event…


Having the same issues. I’m so close to being done but stuck at 29,425 points after each fight. Took me a half an hour of rebooting from it claiming I don’t have internet connection then giving me a sync error restarting the game. If I can’t get credit for these last 600 points I seriously wasted a ton of materials (not to mention time). Please get on this ASAP I have no clue why there would be this update with a couple hours left in the event.


Hey Everyone! Please see our announcement here: Current Connection Issues


I’m also now suffering from terrible lag in this event. This is an unwelcome blast from the past.