Recent pvp event rewards and all its lies

My team being rank 51 was depending on the event to get into diamond 2. We came in 10th place by the hardest and was hoping that the +3 points that 10th place offered us we’d be pushed to rank 48 but we didn’t move at all. Why? Because the whole time we were fighting for rating points & not rank. Since when does PVP offer rating as a prize and not rank? What good does rating do us at all?!?

Since a few pvp events. I think it has been the case for higher leagues much more time than lower leagues. Score good or better in pvp events and you get bonus rating points, score less and you stay the same or lose rating points. I suppose it is a way to help the league dynamics…

Diamond team get rating points too…

it’s been team rating since it was introduced.

It’s not rank because if that is the case, dreadnought will have to keep on spending and win the event or someone will take over their 1st place and get those 200 extra team rating.

and also it will become a pure pay to win if it rewards rank instead of team rating. The team who spends the most on PvP event will be rank 1 and those who spent less will drop down in ranking.

EDIT: checked in-game and its only 200 difference lol

Haha cool idea

Challenge given :joy::joy:

It offers rating points because you cannot war during the PvP event. It would be unrealistic if it offered actual rank lol. Also it’s been this way ever since they introduced it few months ago.

So then winning first or last doesn’t actually drop your rank or make it go up? What good is rating If we don’t even use rating anymore to move up?

You do use rating to move …

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Since when don’t we use rating anymore?

If there is a team that is 1 rating point above you and you win 3 rating points in the event you will take them over (given that they don’t earn any rating during the event by placing worse then your team.)

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If it’s based on rank how do we still use rating then? Grr this is too confusing. I’m out. Gonna go be pizzed off by myself :sob:

Your rank in the event determines how much RATING POINTS your team gets. Then rating points that you win or lose are applied to your teams overall rating outside of the event. Then same rating points that you win by warring.

So your team might be in Sapphire 1 with 1950 rating.
You place 10th in the PvP event and you get +3 rating.
Now your team has 1953 rating in Sapphire 1.

Isn’t the rating points determine the rank?
The one with more rating points will get higher rank?

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Ohhh so however much rating we get determines what place we are in then? I think I get it now, thanks Coach,

Let’s give a bit more example:

Team 1 has 1959 TR = Rank 1
Team 3 has 1949 TR = Rank 2
Team 2 has 1948 TR = Rank 3

Team 1 got deducted by 6 TR = 1953
Team 2 obtained 6 TR = 1954
Team 3 obtained 3 TR = 1952

New rank is
Team 2 = 1954 = Rank 1
Team 1 = 1953 = Rank 2
Team 3 = 1952 = Rank 3


Since the event first started giving these points :man_facepalming:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to explain. Sorry I posted a topic about it. But I do appreciate it and I do understand now how the system works :heart:

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