Recent spike in Egg Quest runs not counting when they should or severely delayed counting

Has anyone else noticed a recent dramatic spike in the number of egg quest runs that should count but still you don’t get credit for them? Or else the credit for them is severely delayed (like 10 minutes or more after you did the run).

Here is an example that occurred this morning, but it is by no means an isolated incident. This has been going on I think for 2 or 3 days and it happens frequently - maybe 25% or so of all egg quest runs.

Today’s incident went like this; Flying my alt account (Level 33), quests were Loot 2k lumber, inflict 237k damage using arborius, and defeat 6 bases.

I joined someons attack and flew arborius. Primary attacker left 1 farm on a level 112 base. Poor little arborius could not destroy that farm, but I did inflict 218k damage according to the red damage numbers that appear during the fight. After I flew the primary attacker quit the battle rather than kill the last farm. Total was 95% damage, not 5 flames but still a victory. 15k lumber was looted.

That run COUNTED for the lumber quest, but did not count for the inflict damage quest nor did it count for the defeat 6 bases quest. Arborius damage inflicted still showed 0 and bases remaining out of 6 was unchanged from before.

Then I joined another run, same scenario flew ember, intentionally left the farm as an expirment and that one also did not count for the defeat 6 bases.

Then I joined another run this time making sure that the primary was going to get 100% no matter what to see if that mattered. There was a defender that screwed up the expiriment, and I flew gog instead of arborius. Primary attacker took two dragons but did 100% the bases. That run counted for the defeat 6 bases quest. But most perplexing, it ALSO counted for the inflict damage with arborius quest even though I did not fly arborius. Afterwards the damage inflicted by arborius showed 218k, the exact amount from the first run 10 minutes earlier.

Anyone else noticing this kind of issue?


:thinking: Are the issues usually from joining someone else’s attack (or if someone else joins yours)? I tend to run mine solo and haven’t noticed issues.

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