Recently this game is no fun

Recently, the game is not fun.
In the past, each class had its own advantages and disadvantages, but for now it’s all classes are leveled, so Warriors use Death Stare, and Sorcerers use Death Stare. The Sorcerer, a large-scale attacker, has been turned into rubbish since the Invoker. The advantages of area attack and summon skills are gone, and all classes are similar.
For the Sorcerer class, I would like to have some novelty such as increasing stun probability through research or other effects when attacking.
I’m seeing myths coming out next season … I couldn’t hide my despair … Skill’s reconstruction and lack of novelty and design. The mythical dragons presented are not cool but only loose.
Who can see Noctan and say that this myth dragon is funny, sweet and cool? Fafnir is terrible, not to mention. This idiot direction should have stopped at Naris.
I don’t know who pushed the invoker, but you should know one thing clearly.
Invoker is not a new class, but rather a hunter, rather than a sorcerer. Clearly, because it was a mythical dragon, convenience, variety of attacks, and fun should be guaranteed.


I agree and not to mention they raised the cost of the seasonal dragons :man_shrugging:. I can’t wrap my head around this …


I see a whole lot of complaining and no constructive suggestions. If you don’t like it, propose a solution. If you don’t want to do that, don’t whine here or just quit altogether like a ton of people have done before you.

I don’t know I think they did a good job with Faf’Nyr… but if you don’t have top gear and rider and runes you’re screwed because if he can’t kill stuff he’s useless. I have max everything so for me he’s great.

I’m also a jeweler and buy/sell gold coins so I couldn’t resist getting Faf since he sits on a pile of gold lol.

I also like the new Earth Sorcerer for next season, it’s spell set looks pretty good on paper, has a Summon Warrior. Will all depend on her spell cool downs, etc… if she is any good. I personally like sorcerers myself. Jormangandr was definately my favorite.


People are entitled to post their complaints and you are entitled to ignore them :man_shrugging:


It was a, tough decision, but I took that advise. Last event in progress before I’m replaced. It’s been fun fighting along side and against you bud. Screwing around on forums recently was the most fun I’ve had on this game for some time. See Ya in another game some time maybe. :v:


Gonna miss you bud. You have me on Line. Hit me up sometime. Sorry I missed you last time I was down there.

You’re not the first one I’ve heard of quitting. Lots from my understanding. A few long time players too. Sad to see it go down so quickly.

I know of quite a few, spenders at that. It’s the final leg of game. Less than 35k players participated in fort :woman_shrugging:. PG has waited too long to fix the bugs, economy, server… The list goes on. Almost had a chance to use that maxed mythic earth gear I have. Lol. 1 season short.


The very first word of this post is false… there is nothing recent about it.

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