Recolored Divine Dragon

If PG decides to makes recolored version of Divine Dragon, which one do you want?

Merkt. definetly Merkt

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Necryx 2.0 :joy:. However, another Spindra might actually be nice. After watching videos of people using her, she really is a truly powerful sorcerer, unlike the much lauded Kinnarus and Equestor. Spindra has a guaranteed kill spell that does not unsand towers, an invincibilty shield, instant rage, and a way to heal. What is not to like?

However, what I would truly like to see is not just a copy of the original spell sets, but an analysis of these spell sets, and an attempt to make a new dragon with a similar style of spell set, but different spells.

I’m happy that they don’t do cheap recoloring anymore. Let’s not give them ideas…

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Yes, it’d be nice to see that

Even so, some.dragons can be altered a bit to give different feels. Like silver-black Leo with lots of miasma (probably changed the shield a bit)

Short island kill prolly, but as a lead esp for long island? She runs out of breath.


Spindra is not a lead for a good base, but as a finisher dragon she has few equals

Good follow for 0 rage. Yes.

I presume you are referring to aesthetics alone. In that case, I think Abraxxas would be really cool looking recolored. I thought that was a really cool looking dragon in it’s existing coloration, but could translate well in other colors also.

I’m probably going to catch some hell for this, but I also think Kirin MIGHT BE cool recolored… as it is, it looks like a my little pony, but I think that’s in large part intentional due to the color scheme. Make him black red, and gold - he may be cool.

I want a harbinger Hau, for the recolor of course (I know he isnt divine, but hell make him one then)


Shh! Don’t say it out loud!!!