Recommendation for fight pits

During fight pits I’m seeing a lot of teams creating “No Hit” alliances, then concentrating all of their attacks on one or two teams. Causing some teams to be zeroed out. In order to make this event a true fight pit, I would recommend only allowing teams to attack the team above them or the team below them, unless they are the top team, then they can attack two teams below them. Or just scrap the negative points. So if team A attacks team B, team A receives points, but team B doesn’t lose any. Or at least find a solution that would keep teams from ganging up on one team and pulvarizing them

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Hell NO! This event is already bad enough without artificially restricting the teams you can hit. Seriously, the only time in the rounds that really matter are the last 45 to 30 minutes of it. If you show up to attack before then, you’re making a target of your team.

For players on teams that don’t have a no-hit alliance, what happens if the only people they can get reasonable points on happen to be on a team that isn’t directly above or below them?

Are you really suggesting that we screw these players over (players who might be in a league that pushes them to their limits) simply because some teams are smart enough to from alliances that benifit them?


Uh, no.

Don’t like it? Make your own friends.

I highly doubt PG is going to limit who you can spend money hitting in Money Pits…


Not just that. What if those teams have targets some people simply can’t beat without backup.

Honestly alliances are impossible to stop effectively without hitting gameplay elsewhere

I’m a “low level player” in a big league so I know the pain of looking for targets worth lousy points (especially since our disabling dragons are currently broken). And while my team is super helpful about giving back up to the smaller players, I hate, hate, hate to have to constantly ask for back up.

My target choices are already limited by no hit alliances, now you want to further remove my options? Hell no!


Oh, and if you are “zeroed out”, that’s a sure sign that you just might be in a higher league than you should be, just saying.


So you feel pulvaring one team, vice encouraging teams to fight all teams is a good event? While I’m sure the teams that form these alliances wouldn’t like the suggestion, but what about the teams that that are singled out and smashed?

Like Jonesy said, they might be in a league that is too difficult for them. If they can’t compete, lose some wars and drop to an easier league :woman_shrugging: This is “War Dragons” Not “No Dragon Left Behind, here’s your participation trophey Dragons”.


Or it could mean, that you’re not on the other teams no hit list.

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Make your own friends. Or go find easier competition.


Or it could mean your team sucks.


If they can compete, but just not in that particular “pit” drop to a lower pit where they can compete then :woman_shrugging: You get more VP from being the champion in a pit anyway.

Team doesn’t suck, just difficult to compete when three teams are all aligned to attack you.

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We’ve been zeroed out before.

It sucks.

We realized we couldn’t compete with the credit card warriors and avoided the Coliseum. We still took 2nd place :rofl:

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If it was every team for themselves, then yes, but three teams ganging up on one…no competition there.

Were you in a no hit alliance?

I am seriously wondering why you are trying to make money pits even worse than it already is. Alliances happen. Make your own if you want to be more competitive :woman_shrugging:


Well eventually they’ll go to upper pit so you won’t be with them all the time to be slaughtered, once they are gone you can have fun in your pit. Or is it that all 24 teams in your league have no hit alliances x)

Nope. I typically avoid no hit alliances in PvPs as they are impossible to manage and control (unless they’re in my 5TA in Atlas, that is).

Everyone else is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

It’s fun to sit back and watch the credit card warriors compete with each other, and deliberately dropping Pits to earn even more VP than they will when they lose to other credit card warriors.

It can and has been done. It is possible to compete with the coiners without coining, and the alliances…

Every time everyone moves to a new pit, new alliances are struck.