Recommendations for a new account creation

Hi Team,
I’m planning to create a new, secondary account to make up for the missed choices I’ve made with my current one. Since I’m still a new player, I’d like to hear some suggestions from pros on common pitfalls I should look out for.

Some advice I’ve received from my ever-so-helpful team members were:

  1. Keep the base tiny
  2. Level 1 tower to max before touching the next
  3. Follow the awesome Red’s breeding path

I’d be ever so grateful if you guys could add some insights on issues that you might have faced with your mains or avoided with your alts.

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Always keep your storage and builder hut building or capped.

Save your mystic fragments until you get to sapphire.

Don’t build any ballistas - even at low levels. Follow @mechengg 's base building guide strictly.

Resist the urge to deviate from your breeding and building plans for extra event points.

Be diligent about getting research eggs at least through green.


For Ballista, I guess build one won’t hurt, for the sake of free rubies, but keep it at lv 1. And keep Ember at lv 1.


Keep Ember Level 1


Follow mech’s base building guide. (Pages 7, 8, and 9 in particular):

Follow red’s breeding guide.

Keep ember level 1
Get the double token boost and speed egg missions up.
I’m only mildly active on my mini and he’s getting Amarok and was created last month.


Thank you very much, guys!

I’d like to think of myself as a small spender. Any value packs that I need to keep a look out for to help me get a tiny lift up when I start?

First 30days elite account is very cheap, costs as much as regular 7 days one, so its worth a shot. Just not sure at which point should you go for it.

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There’s a 1 time purchase timer pack for 4.99 when you start out, so with that and elite it gets you up to speed pretty quickly. I personally did all the breeds up to Amarok in and out of breed event bc they’re only <1k eggs. Other than that, I don’t know, I’m mostly an E2P person with maybe a pack purchase with some cash back rewards every 3 months or more. I just know that timer pack definitely helped speed things up.

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I play the same way as you. I’ve bought like 2 value packs so far and both of them turned out to be mistakes (Ember stones). :rofl::rofl:

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I recommend you dont bother to start over. Long run whatever mistakes you have made wont matter, fix them and move on. A more efficient start wont make up for the time you have already put into your existing account.


if no one said it before: make the account with another Email-Adress and send out an referral link. Referral rewards are quiet nice (for what you are planning to do anyways).



Farm low lvl chest base like mad using short routs (1 monument on the left and 3 island towers) till about 60 lvl…
2 red dragons will be enough for that.

if you keep ember at lvl1 use it all the time for chest base farming at any lvl.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

Although it is a lot of work, I still want to create a second one for the fun of it. :smile:
Once again, I thank all of you for taking your time to post suggestions and helpful hints. Much obliged. :hugs:

I’m a lower level and my base sucks; am trying to fix it, and I’ve found, just like everyone else, it’s important to only use a “micro-base” until lvl 100, then move it up to the long island and build a rage drain island; I expanded too far and have towers on the first 2 long islands and a rage drain built and a short island filled. Going to loose a lot of lvls. Dark flaks are god, fire flaks, ice flaks, trebucets, and balistas and fire turrets suck. storms are OK but only use them for the supershot shield.

Defending with Trebuchet can be fun though

Fire Flaks, Ice Flaks and Fire Turrets do not “suck.” Although I don’t have a purpose for the fire flak on a “perfect,” alt base because it costs elemental embers which are better off spent on a Dark Flak. Fire flaks have a good range and damage is pretty good. Fire Turrets deal a lot of damage and are effective on the back of the long island (Coach/Mech’s guide). Ice Flaks have the highest dps among the 3 flaks and the longest range of any tower. The ice flak supershot can really replace a blue mage or be key into stopping mystic winds on rage drains.

Ballistas and Trebs are terrible as you said

I wish I had more embers for flaks


I agree that fire flaks may be good, but like u said, there’s no reason for them, since u have a dark flak. Fire turrets take forever to shoot, so they’re completely usless

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