Reconsider glory levels

I get that 580 etc was 100% when we had level 600 but we have level 700+ now hit level 540+ and getting 100% glory in atlas. This is just wrong, there is a big difference in 25 levels in atlas when you reach this point.

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A 700 would only get 100% on a 540 if their team is worth 100% glory.

I do agree though that there is a huge difference between a 540 and 700 when it comes to tower level and base length.

Team ranks?

Castle level?

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Can you get 100% on a 540 as a 700 unless it’s T4/T5s I’m a 648 and even hitting up in terms of power ranking 570s aren’t 100% glory for me.

I do agree that the 100% line should move everytime new tower levels come out but it’s PG and these simple things are too hard for them to do.

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Apparently I was half distracted when I wrote this.

It’s closer to a 540 being worth 100% of team glory to a 600 player.

The same 540 would worth roughly 77% of the team glory rating to a 700 player

Only at T4 / T5 / the 700+ TA castle I believe

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Agreed. I’m working on making updates to address this.


There should be distinction based on number of max towers at the uber tier

If you can own and max the newest dragons you should be 100% glory. Otherwise people sandbag and stay just at the cut off so they aren’t 100%. That’s no incentive to grow it’s just the opposite. It’s punishing people who spend to keep spending and like it or not that’s one of the main avenues to keep the game going.

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A person with 35 level max towers will always beat a person with 10-15 of them.

End game dragons isn’t an indicator or being capable of winning a the glory race


If you can max those dragons right now it doesn’t matter. Barb plows through maxed bases with three defenders so that’s not an argument. People spend boat loads of money to max a base and have it smashed down with these new dragons sure doesn’t encourage them to keep doing it. If you can max the highest level dragons in the game you should be 100% glory.

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Beating a base isn’t the same as winning the race for glory.

A base filled with all max towers is always going to take longer to complete than one that isn’t…. Unless the barbend happens to to be one of those that 1 shots all towers as if the base was enfeebled.

If the speed meta wasn’t a thing, then for sure everyone that has monarch dragons should be 100% glory


It’s almost like the moment of engagement when a attack is made was supposed to be determined more by skill and not our content……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
As we seek this pathetic defensive objective of never ending growth the speed is king content that is being used to drive revenue has killed the skill at the moment of engagement……

This detrimental objective of continuous growth is supported by content escalation and we see the numbers climb and it degrades the games moment of engagement until it’s determined by equivalent exchange….
With engagement being unbalanced and no positional mechanics it becomes a game of content acquisition and resource management and equivalent exchange demands more and more content to keep the top players of the game… on top!

There is no balance to be had while utilizing equivalent exchange and escalating content with the objective of growth.
Yes simply because they will escalate it as soon as it’s balanced to keep equivalent exchange going……
So even if we find a sweet spot where the glory seems balanced it won’t last because they will keep adding content and unbalancing it….

And it’s all built upon our core objective of the acquisition of defense/castles and the historic defense objective of growth now I wonder where the actual problem is :thinking:

When I want to solve a problem i look for the root cause and start there….
And Its all built upon the core objective of defense :man_shrugging:


If it were true that there’s no difference between a 580 and a 700 the top teams wouldn’t be so scared to fight each other. OP dragons like barbend just make it that much easier and faster for them to hit down.


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