Reconsider WarDragons

Hi guys,

This is my first post on forum after some 5-6 years of playing. It is meant for the community.
It is something for all to think about. I am not expecting an answer from PG.

We have PG roll out beta (currently known as Atlas) as-is putting rest of the non-beta players base at a disadvantage. PG did that because beta players have spent not only time but also real money which would be unfair to be taken away. But we all know how that affects the broader game…

I’ve joked about lv 100 towers 3-4 years ago and dragon with 3 white spell consist of white death gaze, white cloak and regenerative spell. That all came through (or close).
When is it going to stop… lv 200 towers? Dragons with 5 white spell? White mages?
Extended base to 10 islands? Maybe even 6 towers on each island?

The game has not been perfect. I mean, there’s no such thing as a perfect game.
Call me a skeptic! I’m more of a realist and accept that we are all flawed.

The only reason why I personally still play the game is because of the team. We enjoy each other’s company (a lot) and we joke about all the bad designs and glitches (I personally even enjoy some the different personalities in the opposing teams).

Why should we be doing the testing for the game developer? Not to mention at our own cost (money, time and effort)?

We asked ourselves, where is the end game?
There is no end game. There is only more new tower levels, dragons with similar skills but named differently, same events every other week coupled with more glitches.

All this has become part of the game and it never really strikes me that we, the players (paying or not) are being taken granted of. We then get “compensation” which is rather patronizing. At least that’s how I felt.

That makes us reconsider if we should continue playing the game.
Whenever a real life friend asked me what game I was playing (Please don’t judge me for playing mobile game during social events :stuck_out_tongue: ). My response is always “WarDragons, please don’t play this game!”.

For all the old timers out there. How do you really feel about this game? :grimacing:


Well…if it wasn’t for new tower levels and updated dragons, the game would be dead. It would stagnate and become boring.
Those teammates you enjoy the company of, wouldn’t be playing anymore.

And ill say the same thing to you, that I say to everyone that states how they play only for socialising with team mates. Utter rubbish.
There is such a thing called “facebook”, “line”, “whatsapp”. If you hate the game, quit. Stay in contact via social media. But you won’t. You’ll still be playing in months to come. I am in group chats with players I am no longer on the same team with. And we chat and joke and have a laugh. So you don’t need the game for that.
So just admit it. Yes the game has flaws. But we play it because we enjoy it. It kills the time and is an escape from whatever you do in real life. Its a fun and addictive little game.


I don’t hate the game. I accept the limitation. I feel responsible for the team and friends I made in the team. We are in this together. Not everyone resort to quitting, some do and we know why.

Perhaps I should highlight that my biggest issue is us doing the testing for PG.


As a long time player I’m feeling the same. The yett to be fixed Ruby option where you have to hope they keep your previous info. It has become extremely patronizing. The silencing of critics that was just rolled out with the “trolling” rule. The continual rolling out of things without fixing previous problems. You are also seeing a shrinkage in the number of players playing. It’s sad I still enjoy the community .This shuffle using us as guinea pigs while it carries real game consequences with the potential loss of castles yett they’ve already admittedly said they didn’t get it right. Just all very frustrating


Ah well Keth, you know how I feel :rofl:

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Critiquing is not equal to trolling. There is constructive criticism that is very welcome, and then there’s trolling and disrespect that’s an utter waste of time.

It’s also not a new rule btw - I suspect people had just not read the CoC prior. But in essence, just be respectful when voicing your opinion and you’ll be fine, really.


U were heartless :sob: !

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Oh I have like 10 line groups and 5 discord groups with my old teammates. If it weren’t for these guys and our mutual bickering for wd, I would have quit it a year ago (no kidding).


Well, i did answer to a newbie on the forum when he/she asked what he/she should do when he/she first started the game… “RUN AWAY!”

So i probably know how you feel.


Oh dang I remember this one. :rofl:

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“Yo a$$ on YooToob.”

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Not sure how think or feel atm…Never stepped foot in forums until seen the steady decline go into what seemed to be a dying game with many veterans disbanding to quit, leaving others to either find a new guild or quit themselves. New players were non existent so recruiting was impossible, coupled with higher up guild coming down to lower leagues to get away from Atlas.

This was what brought me to the forums, to try to save a game that love and enjoy playing, so that myself and my guild members would not end up same way as many have already, and to make the game better for everyone, from veterans to new players.

For while thought my efforts meant something, and on some level PG was listening as started seeing some good changes being made, and do give full credit and appreciate those efforts, but then at same time seems the problems with the game are not being addressed to point now that is unplayable for many. Events breaking and effecting game, and now this shuffle…

Is very disheartening to watch what seemed good faith efforts a while back ago to improve game go downhill. Long term problems need to be fixed, like servers to address lag issues, and good judgement/management needs to be in place so that disasters like this shuffle will be immediately remedied, so does not effect the player base like it does…

There is some days do want to just call it quits regardless of my love for this game, but keep telling myself “No, things will get better, just need to hang in there”. Then other reason, and the main one that keeps me from quitting is because of my guild members. As their leader will not turn my back on them, we have been through much together, and will not abandon them, no matter how much may want to hit the delete button, and move on. Think when have these days is just from being a bit burned out, so when get this way just take a small break, and keep going.

Would love to wake up one day to find War Dragons finally at the potential this game has always had, with game performance the best it can be, with fair game play for all, and everyone active because they are happy and enjoying playing, but seems still to be far away from this :pensive:


i’m surprised that you still have high hopes on pg. lmfao

How do you think new players will feel when they come to the forums and read posts like this?
Do you think they will continue playing?
Do you think the game will last if they don’t?
Do you think posts like this will improve the game or be detrimental to the longevity?


Honestly most new players probably avoid the forums. I know my first 3 years I avoided being here, actually still do.
Reason is not everyone on the forums is decent. Post questions and a lot of times its greeted with Read the forums, spend time searching, or my favorite No stop asking.

If the game is to last and to get better the players need to make the changes. No we cant make PG develop better or make PG provide fair treatment to all players. They will do as the want and that is actually part of the world we live in.
What we can do as players is help each other out, provide assistance and constructive criticism and ideas. Imagine how awesome the game would be if we all just respected one another and played as equals.

Will there still be lag? Yes. Will new dragons just be rehashed older ones with a new look? Yes. Will we still get updates that break things? Yes.
But as a whole playing together the game will be better. Atlas shuffle hits and you are next to an enemy…under current game its the end of the world. If we were all respectful and equal…it would be new neighbor let me reach out and see about being friendly neighbors and make agreements.


At some point the company of good friends from the game won’t be enough with the constant feeling of not being appreciated for putting time and money into this game.
Last Mythics was 520k and 2 of them were worthless, and I’m sure the next tier will be even more expensive.
The unfair layout of a shuffle that has been planned for months with consequences that sticks.
Opening chests that gives you more rss you’ll never be able to use.
The constant lag and errors that are never fixed.
Makes you wonder what you’re still doing here…

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Try to stay optimistic and hopefully, regardless of circumstances :slightly_smiling_face: Even probably when should not…

Have done pretty much everything you have said, many things are in PG hands in making this game better now along with moving forward…

One of the worst type of investors. Lololol