Recruiting a few solid players

Plat three team ready to go plat two and on up, regularly getting 1200sigil reward for event and chest 9 for quests. Atlas focused team strong alliance. Making moves up in this game. Looking for a few solid players that are of like mind in what they want ,to add and cut out a few weak links before jumping to plat two. Slackers don’t apply, players that only play. Becauses they have an account and used to like the game don’t apply, if your looking for a solid core that plays hard takes it serious and want the most out of the game hit me up… btw we @@@@ for everything important and bullshit in chat all day. If that’s gonna bother you don’t apply either we are taking this serious and only looking for like minded idiots like us . :ok_hand:t3:

:roll_eyes: Team name? LFM tag? Min level?


Pls move to recruitment


only important part

Lol it’s the truth though

:eyes: done


Min level would be around 250 at this point unless ur new to the game ans growing fast. Really looking for some 300 + our majority is in the 250 to 400 range handful of mid 400/ amd some 500 +

Team name?

Fukit?? :man_shrugging:


So, how would one apply to the nameless team? Asking for a friend…

Send me a pm I’ll get anyone interested the info . :ok_hand:t3:

We get applications all day. I keep the team name out in here so I don’t miss a applicant I want that is applying due to recruiting. Over a random joe. If someone is serious I want to talk to them not just put a team name out saying we’re recruiting and get a bunch of applications from people I k ow nothing about . Hope that answers

@MorgaineTheRed you have mail in game and here :ok_hand:t3:

Best advise talk to a team, merge the core group to higher ranked team looking for more active atlas based players. Too many teams not enough good active atlas players.

We have no need to merge . Lol our teams a beast and moving up hella fast in and out of atlas …

Like I said, too many wanna be leaders not enough players. It’s not hard to move up in platinum :rofl:. As I said I have an alt in platinum 3. We warred a team with 40 players yesterday. I would hope your moving up. I’m saying even sapphire is full of alts. That would take these good players in platinum. Instead of having a bazillion teams trying to move up, as my main is S2 . Wow you already made it to sapphire. Just not as a leader. We don’t need billion teams in game. Just good ones.

Where is ur castle?? I wanna Fukit :joy:

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We’re a team of active players only use alts occasionally to hold spots as people come and go… to say u don’t need a bunch of teams In atlas full of alts is pretty self contradicting after saying you have an alt on a plat three team. If your concerned about the above issue stated maybe you should try not being a statistic that you complain about and worry about your self in stead of others? Since were giving out friendly advice :grin::+1: @SirSmokey256

@GogoDr4gon show me yours I’ll show you mine :wink:

@MyNameIsFukIt Don’t have any :joy: im a pirate :pirate_flag: Castleless team in gold league :joy:

So I have shown u mine, now u have to show me urs :smirk: