Recruiting before Breeding event

If you want too join a fun friendly Active team!
FireShieldClan P1.
Heading back into S3

Are looking to replace a couple of players.

1500+ Daily Egg payouts.
15 castles across all shards.
An amazing 5 & 30 TA.
Hit’s team chest 10 and last team prize 8 in all events.
Plenty of Atlas action.

If your an active comunitive Team player! And loves kicking ass in Events and Atlas and hits 8/8 5/5
Lvl 400 plus.
Then please apply too join through meeting hall.
We use line. And offer access too a wdscripts bot.

Ghost players aren’t Tolerated!

IGN DragonflamFSC or any online management.

@moderators can we move this to the recruitment thread?


Sorry wasn’t ment too post it as such. I’m not great with technology.
So I guess I posted in the wrong place :man_facepalming:

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Yeah, @moderators just plop this in LFM and we are on our way

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You can edit your main post and change it so it’s in the recruiting section