Recruiting Database/team/player matching. All “inactive teams” or teams that have less than 10 players for 1 month should be automatically disbanded!

Players can enter their interest level in looking for a team (actively or considering).
Enter your criteria:
Looking for: platinum II team, w/atlas? Y or N?

Teams can enter their criteria:
looking for: level 150+ player. Active? Y or N. Dragon Lineage? Garnet. Atlas troop count? 80000+. Etc…

Make it so the players looking for a team are/can be anonymous to the team they’re currently on to avoid possible retribution/give them the option to be blocked out from search from their current team.


DISBAND all teams that are inactive, or that have had less than 10 people for a month.


:pleading_face: My alt that I use to help my main account with super shot and defense team quests likes being on an inactive closed team by herself.


Why can’t players be left alone to play as they want … addict or slug … we are still people who bleed when cut. :sob:


I think an in-game recruitment database would be fine.

However, the disbanding of all inactive teams is a bit too harsh. Let people play how they want to. not everyone can be(or wants to) online every day to play. You shouldn’t force your play style onto other players. It will only further Alienate the player base,


They can be teamless. I also think there should be a base reward for players who are teamless…

The issue with all these teams is that it makes recruiting so much harder than it has to be. Although I suppose the database would solve that.

I don’t know about disbanding them, necessarily, but inactive teams definitely need to be…sidelined somehow. Especially down in Bronze or Silver, a team can be the only active team in their group of 25.

It’s ridiculous - and frustrating - to find that your new team literally can’t attack anyone on any of the opposing teams, because they’re all inactive. That sort of thing shouldn’t happen.


Which PG employee do I tag/pitch this to???

Disbanding them isn’t the way to go. I had a 10 player team for a while in gold and had fun.


This exactly. You may have 5 players who enjoy playing together and do not like a large team for whatever reason. This is common in even the largest MMORPGs.

So why force them to disband? Why tank away their choice?

If small teams/guilds work find for the most successful MMORPGs then it should work find for War Dragons. It certainly is not hurting anyone.

This of course concerns small but active teams. There is already a mechanism that disbands inactive teams which is the same as inactive players but iirc team leads take little longer. I can say this from experience because I did create a team (only me) when I left the game last year and was not in the team when I returned.

It is though. It makes recruiting a million times harder because you have to search through the saturation of “teams…” in the team search…

@PGJared ???

Rather than disbanding team, I’d prefer that anyone with a team can be attacked, regardless of their activity level.
Since autoboot is integrated in team mechanics, I can safely assume that all players in a team are active enough to be attacked.


I don’t want this to be my MAIN point though lol, I want the database thing to be my main point here.

So, if I’m correct, you want team to be able to list all players fulfilling the conditions?

Also, seems that there are 2 more points here.

  1. Officers with alt in different team can easily check the database, and you’re done.
  2. It makes no sense if a team can block a player from applying to another team.
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So you would force people who want to play on a small team to either join you against their wishes or quit the game?

Another issue that your suggestion ignores is there are groups that break off from a team for various reasons. They form a small team and stick together while they weight their options. I know a few groups that have gone this path and these groups ended up in Sapphire and high level platinum.

Your idea says they cannot do that. That they cannot stick together until they figure out where they will go.

It would seem to be the logical path would be a better way to search for active players to recruit rather than strong arming them, which is exactly what the presented idea is about. I for one would balk and such an idea as I was one that was in a small group while we looked for a new home.

So your idea would hurt players.

Edit: it does seem that there is no support for your idea of disbanding teams. Further, I suggest there is an idea for a better way to search for active players. Maybe a means to filter better. The same would go for a better means to search for a team.

However, it should not be players putting themselves into the db for reasons already brought up. They can become the subject of reprisals from their current leadership.

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I think that disbanded some teams would be good. Teams that only have one or two people that aren’t active. There are a lot of those teams in the bronze league.

A problem with the inactive teams is that new players join the inactive teams and get discouraged with playing the game. When new players join teams like that, they don’t get the help they need or the environment they want. They either leave or stay with the inactive team until they get bored and quit because they feel they have to stay loyal to their first team.

Imo that’s where the real problem lies. New members getting on inactive teams and not loving the game like they could because of it.

Teams that are inactive are disbanded under the current system as they members end up going inactive.

So there is already a system in place that does exactly what you have suggested. Clearly there has to be a period of time required to pass before the members, and hence the team, go inactive.

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It takes a long time when the person is the leader. If seen teams with 3 people and 0 activity before while recruiting. There are a ton of teams like that. I also don’t think people should be able to make a one person team but that’s just my opinion.

I was not suggesting the current system works perfectly. Certainly the amount of time required can be adjusted. But the system does do exactly what you were suggesting.

What I meant by “blocked” was that their current team wouldn’t be able to see them in that database. Also…their ALLIANCE wouldn’t be able to see them either.

Of course there may still be the occasional instance that…even with their current team/alliance not being able to see that they’re looking for a team, that some officer has an alt on a completely random team, sees it, and decides to be a crybaby about it…

But nothing is completely fool proof and perfect. I think this would help a lot/I’m just trying to help recruiting.