Recruiting for Soon to be Sapphire team!

Looking for More active members
LFM – Platinum 1 (Sapphire 3 next league change)SkyScorchersMinimum new recruit level is 100

Language: English
Time Zone: Flexible (We have a wide variety on our team)
Age Range: 18+ preferred
Elite Account?: Preferred
Dragon Roster Includes: No Requirement
Highest Lineage Dragon: No Requirement (But dedication to breeding guides is appreciated)

About: We are a fairly new team with a very experienced team core. We Started the team in November, built to 50 members and pushed our way up to Platinum quickly. We are very supportive of all our team members and expect certain levels of participation in both events and wars. We are also very competitive. If you are interested in learning more in detail, please feel free to contact me!! On Tuesday at league change, we will be in Sapphire 3.

The reason we are recruiting is because 2 members on our team are too busy in real life at the moment and are finding it difficult to be on as much or as consistently as the used to.

2 spots have been filled, this can be closed!!

Thank you

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