Recruiting for the TaterClan

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About:TaterClan is in need of 2 officers & active members. We are a gold 2 team need 2 officers in higher lvl at or above lvl 100 please

why should anyone join your team over other teams?

atlas? if yes, castles? daily bonuses? team goals? usual event achievements?

care to elaborate a bit further about your team?

We’ve been a casual team that’s now restructuring our team to become more competitive were a gold 2 team & we don’t have atlas. we are looking for active players & 2 officers to help in making our team stronger.

Do you want Atlas?

Eventually yes we’d like to get into atlas but we only have 23 members n& only a little over half will participate in wars which taking steps to change that but were not ready for atlas. I’m not any good at recruiting either takes why we looking for 2 experienced officers to help us

PM me in LINE dragonwolf76

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