Recruiting! LFM – `TGold2` – `TheGreatEagle` – `35+` Friendly fun team looking for new active members!

Language: English
Time Zone: All Over
Played time: Anytime, approx half the team in the US and half around the globe
Age Range: Mature people of all ages welcome
Elite Account?: Not required but encouraged
Dragon Roster Includes: No requirements as we are looking for any active players lvl 35+
Highest Lineage Dragon: No requirements as we are looking for any active players lvl 35+

About: We are a family of dragon flyers looking for new members to join us in our quest for greatness <3 We are always willing to share resources and support, be it in game or in life. Our team is kind but we grind and go hard for events and wars! As in all teams, War and Event participation is required. We will consider Very Active players below lvl 35 upon review. Our Officers include a level 244 (the team founder, MaleficentFae <3) & levels 86, 77, 76 & 64.
Come join us and fly with the Great Eagles!

You are supposed to fill your expectations here, not your own dragons :sweat_smile:

lol, thanks for the head’s up! I was wondering why it mattered, I think my edit is much more clear. Since we’re looking for players level 35+ I feel it would be unreasonable to require any specific dragon to join our team. Just looking for happy, active players that will participate haha

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