Recruiting members ( new clan ). WolvesOfTheForest

im not a strict person all I ask is for members to try to stay active cuz I’d hate for them to get automatically kicked and if they could help out as much as they’d can in events and wars I honestly am open to any level And I’m wanting to make this clan to help people who want a place to stay and make friends and do events and get resources. Honestly this is why I wanted to create my own

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**Looking for active members. Any level

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what’s your team name? what level are you looking for? why is your team more specially special than any other team? what league are you? is this a shady drug dealing front? do you have previous leadership experience?


Fresh blood :stuck_out_tongue:


WolvesOfTheForest and I’m a new leader I’ve had experience being a officer but I thought I’d try being a leader And honestly I’m a person who enjoys goofing around and working hard when we have wars and events I do to my best if people need help with resources and advice


Lol… this is a friend of mine in a group chat. She wanted to get her team out there so I recommended her use the forums. This is her first time on here

I’m honestly trying Jalen I’ve been a officer but never a leader

Now I just feel like a big joke for trying to make a clan and help members who need resources and have a place where they’re welcome to come and make new friends and do events now I’m not sure if it was a good idea to make my own clan :weary::persevere:

Not at all. It is just very hard to lead a team let alone start one.

If your heart is in it then give it a try- maybe you will make a great team and be a great leader.

But if you scan through the forums you will see that is is indeed hard work and not for the front of heart.

Best of success to you


You’re not a joke, but starting a new team is a hard slog these days. Most players suggest that a person is better-off joining an existing team that suits their tastes rather than trying to make it with a new one - there are teams of basically every description that are desperate for players.

That said, if you’re dead set on creating a new team, edit your original post (the first post in this thread) to say:

  • What your team is like (relaxed? serious? fun? hard-working? aggressive? etc.)
  • What you hope to accomplish (are you trying to push up to Diamond? Training new players? Conquering Atlas? etc.)
  • What you have to offer (experience, skill, players, fun, alliances, even tangibles like castles, etc.)
  • What you expect from your potential recruits (level, dragon tier, tower levels, time commitments, etc.)

I understand it’s hard work I just hope things will work out

its fine if you wanted to make a team there will be bumps along the way but you can do it

your not a big joke for making one

Just have a couple trustworthy officers for help and support

Can’t find you guys

Please don’t be disrespectful with other team’s recruitment thread. If you wanted to get noticed, make your own recruitment more appealing.


Where do I know you from?? :eyes:

From the Forest :deciduous_tree:/ Jungle :evergreen_tree:


put wolvesof and you should be able to find them

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