It never stops. You think you’re good. Then someone stops playing, or abruptly leaves…

Always recruiting. Always.

(And yes, we are still looking for good players)


I think if the teams in platinum and higher leagues would have a option to have Ingame a training/feeder team without having to leave your team as platinum or better league player.
This could solve the recruiting issue, as that is a pain in the bud.

Feeder teams are great when they work, but they are hard to maintain. They require you to effectively run two teams. If you don’t keep the feeder team active enough, the players you are trying to train up to move up to the main team then get bored and leave.

We had a feeder team for a while. We got several good players while we had it. It just became too much work to try to maintain and recruit for both teams. Gold is even harder to recruit for then platinum.

Welcome to the world of recruiting. It never ends. You just may get a break for a week or two.

That’s why combine it with a big team as Ingame option to add a feeder team.
There must change a lot before I am going to leave my platinum team and help new players again.
Ingame is a option to help new players for me personally, but leaving a team with atlas is a no no after leading a little team for a to long time.

That would be an ungodly amount of extra work. You are not only running a single team, you are also running a team in order to literally train new players, alongside recruiting for the training team when people get bored of waiting for a spot.

If people want to do this sure. But they need to be ready for a bunch of work if they want it to be worth anything. And I’m not sure running two teams of 50 to ensure one team of 50 remains stocked. Hell you could see the perfect candidate elsewhere and have the feeder team demoralised. I don’t see how an official version of this adds much

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Who is talking about 50 player teams, but hopefully there are players with experience that won’t mind missing atlas rewards as reward helping the newer players, which all teams seems to need to fil spots.

Feeder teams are a great solution for the member issues currently in the world of wd I do know in current concept it’s to exhausted.

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