Recruitment drive part 2

Skrillexteam is recruiting!
We are an awesome platinum 3 team in search of active players.
We don’t play drugs we don’t need play porn but we play war.
If you can’t check online everyday to read mails and do war attack please do not apply.
Join our team, we help to change your xp base to killer base!
Join our team, we teach you how to breed in the most efficient paths and saving thousands of tokens and money.
Join our team, we teach you how to up your chances of getting chest drop and rubies drop.
Join our team, if you hate PG.

We can accommodate up to 10

Join us if you love this game and addicted.

If you “hate” PG, why do you play the game? You guys realize there are actual human beings we know little about, sitting behind these avatars? “Hate” is ridiculous. I can understand getting frustrated at times but do you really need to “hate” anyone? World might be a better place if we all took a step back and away from the relative safety and anonymity of our online personas. Just saying.

That is all.


This is the most boring reply I’ve ever got :weary:

I feel honored. Do I get a medal for that? :slight_smile:

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