Recruitment/LFM, Platinum 2/3, DragonDancers, activity most important but 60-300+

Come have a dance with us at DragonDancers.
We are looking to replace a few inactive and alt accounts. We are fun and chatty and casual, except for wars. We have a couple a week on average and like every other team ever, expect you to turn up.
We have a very solid core of players ranging from ~60-300+ and while we would love some higher level players we are more concerned about activity.
What can we offer you?

  • higher level players have about as many xp runs and rss as you can ever do and enjoy being in a more casual league but still with the benefits of other big hitters
  • lower and middle level players will certainly get a lot of help and learn the game from our big guns who have been in the top leagues
    Our members love WD and if you do too then you’ll b a good fit!
    We do not have atlas.

If it sounds like you then contact the usuals at DragonDancers.
Oh yeh and blah blah family :rofl:

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