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Time Zone:EST / Global some in England
Played time:2 years plus
Age Range: 20-60
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:huitzl pathox corthy,
Highest Lineage Dragon:kaze, altimorak, redrian,


Here is what we are looking for: a merge with a team willing to join into ours that contains at least 5 or more obsidian or better high active drama free players. We do pretty well with the exception of the occasional no show whom we will replace as part of the merger. Our main issue aside from this is that we get lopsided waves, I.e. players show up en masse for a wave but we dont have enough backers for us to effectively run the wave at the level we are at now, which a year ago was ok for s2 but now is what we are seeing in p1. So we are forced to fly single runs where a wave would be more effective. We need players and/ or a team willing to join us long term that can show up for waves and back up players primarily. Additionally we have quests we do, trooop training, helping in raids and defenses in atlas (*more about that in email only) and events. We like to do well with all this stuff.
But realistically we need ppl over obsidian who can back players in waves to do well and we need them ASAP. So while this ad is for a merger INTO OUR TEAM *please don’t ask if we will consider a move to yours as we won’t - we have a wiki i’ve Spent years on , have a reputation as a great team and are very well established, we are also looking for players obsidian or better who will join us for a long term spot. Reply in game please to Griffin9a2S for consideration and dont’ forget to be kind to previous team and give notice. Looking forward to flying with you!!!

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