Recruitment- LostSouls

The Lost Souls are recruiting members. We are just starting off and it would be great to get some more people to join! (Preference is level 300 plus.)

We strive to Burn and knee to no one. Team chat is mandatory and so are wars and event. Above all, have fun. What is the point of playing if your not having fun? :joy: (Must be active or very active, to join or you will be kicked.)

The leader of this team, is the leader of Bendtheknee1. A team ranked 32 overall. (Ink master)

We have atlas, just one castle working on two.

A sibling bond that can’t be broken. No political stuff here. We watch the Drama, not partake in it. :melting_face::wink:

One last thing to remember: Power doesn’t go to those: Born Strongest, Fastest, or Smartest. No, it goes to those who will do anything to achieve it.

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Still looking, for fun and active players wanting to win and grow!

Ranked 1 in the league. 2 in event.

Come join! I dare you to.

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