Recruitment Question

This is a question on recruitment. my team Arvidia has 37/50 because too many people didn’t participate in events and had “low activity”. Because we are in Gold II we need higher level players.
But is it worth it to have a team with levels +50 with only “ACTIVE” status or have levels UNDER 50 with “VERY ACTIVE” status? And will we become a target if we have lower levels?
You can answer here or pm me in game-my user is the same.


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You’re more of a war target if you have less than 50 people on your team.


But if we had mostly low level players, say under level 20 but had 50/50 wouldnt we still be targets?

Not as easy as not having a full roster. Having a roster of 37, gives an automatic 91 flames to whoever declares on you.


In War, an empty slot is 7 free flames for your opponent and zero for you, the worst case scenario. A level 6 is in every way better.

In PVP events, your weakest player is usually worth 75 points. So your lower level players make you slightly more attackable for lower level opponents or make your level 50s worth more points for level 50 opponents. But if your low level accounts do attacks of their own it should be a net benefit for you.

Another reason to consider players as low as level 6 is to get good people just as they’re starting, before they attach to another team or set their sights on higher goals.

Overall it depends a bit on team goals, but in most cases I would fill the team first with any warm (active) body and then start improving it by replacing people who aren’t what you want.


since you are in gold team and you are missing players then you will be declare on thats a given.
my advice is for your league and team is first find 50 players that dont miss a war that means even if you cant get 50x7 flames at gold thats should be ok even with backup u will get 5 thats not bad and you can probably find teams in gold that are missing players and declare on them.
one good thing about low level players if you can make the team a fun expierance they will stay and feel a sence of loyalty and a loyal and active that is low level is worth alot more then a high level that do you a favor in staying in the team.


The best way to grow a team is to grow a team. That means taking lower levels and letting them grow with you, meaning activity. Sure higher levels will be beneficial, but you can’t beat activity for long term success imo.