Recruitment Thread Format


Recruitment threads are looking a little messy because of no standard format for the titles. What do you all think about starting a standard for posts in this Category?

Recruiting (Looking for Members)

LFM – League – Team – Level Requirement

ex: LFM – Platinum 2 – EggTokenFanClub – 100+

Getting Recruited (Looking for Team)

LFT – Level Name – League Current > League Recruitment

ex: LFT – Lv 140 EggToken – Gold > Plat+

LFT – Looking for a team~
Looking to fill the team!
LFM level 30 plus will accept any level as long as active in wars and events
Fun team that is rebuilding
Plat 4 needs more
From no speed ups to only 3/4 from attack drops

For the love of God, please. For those looking for a team, people should know what tier they are in.


I agree as well. Yes I know my own post here doesn’t conform but a standard format is a good idea.

My own post has now been corrected as it has to start somewhere.


What I can do is set a default post template for the Recruitment category, but I can’t set a default thread topic. It could be helpful if this is something people agree on.



A post template would be PERFECT.


I’d probably add a section to add more information, too. Such as “I’m active in all wars and events, I’m talkative (or not talkative), yada yada yada” while still making the other information mandatory. Unless that defeats the purpose, just thinking as if I was looking at a post and could see their level, etc. that’s all fine and dandy but if you’re lvl 300 and due to some reason or another can’t be on that often, I’d prefer the level 125 that never misses a war and has high activity.


I joined you with amending mine


I agree it would be perfect.


Here would be my suggestion that could work for recruiting AND the searching:

Preferred Language:

Age Range: (13-17, 18+)


Time Playing:

Elite: (yes/no)

Roster Includes:

Highest Lineage Dragon:



So if I was searching for a team I could say:

Preferred Language: English

Age Range: 18+

Level: 324

Time Playing: 2.5 years +

Elite: Yes

Roster Includes: Noc, Nec, Borg, Fega, Xenot, Garg, Ember (lol), etc

Highest Lineage Dragon: Noc/Lumi/Hed

League: Diamond

Notes: blah blah blah

If I was recruiting I could say:

Preferred Language: English fluent

Age Range: 18+

Level: 170+

Time Playing: any

Elite: Yes

Roster Includes: Necryx, Hau, Frost

Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet

League: Diamind 2

Notes: blah


Template made, but I’m not super-happy about it :neutral_face:

Discourse does have the option of custom plugins, but has certain requirements before we’re able to add them. I’ll put that on our to-do list of things to research next.


Good idea, but not everyone will use it unfortunately :confused:


What does lineage mean


Normal dragon aka not divine.


No like the actually definition?


lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree.
synonyms: ancestry, family, parentage, birth, descent, line, extraction, derivation, genealogy, roots, origin, background, heritage, dual heritage; More
a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor.
“the chimpanzee and gorilla lineages”


THanks mum :grin:


Maybe I should think about a dictionary widget for if and when we get more custom plugin support for the forum too! :dodo:


We, as players appreciate the effort. It is easy to bash on what doesn’t work. But I hope others will all take the time to thank the Game Devs for their efforts on this issue and the continuing effort to improve the game.


How does this improve the game lol it’s to cut down on a forum annoyance.