Recyclable Towers

Is there any way that the devs can make unwanted towers recyclable? I hate just having so many sitting in my storage from moving stuff around my base. Maybe just return half or a little over half when we recycle… What do you guys think?


There is another thread this was discussed in, but here’s another one like yours

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Or maybe offer an evolve option to upgrade or transfer to a corresponding flak? Not sure how the conversion factor would work, but with flaks appearing to be the future, the non premium towers are going to hurt the mid to longer term players.

I just don’t think it’s right to do something like this, because a lot of people make mistakes on their base, myself included. It would be like asking for tokens back so you can follow a breeding path because you didn’t know that you should have


But consider this, imagine a base that has been made as efficiently as possible. Then they introduced the dark flak, then the fire flak, then the ice flak. That base is no longer going to be efficient, and practically needs to have these new towers to be effective and competitive. Meanwhile newer players get to build these without interrupting their base too much.
This problem of being overleveled and having to spend $1.5k a tower is only gonna be exasterbated by future releases of towers and higher tower levels.


I want this too … so much buyers remorse in my storage…

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Very often you see players building the next new shiny tower instead of maxing what they have. In the end they will end up with potentially ‘better’ towers at overall lower level for their level.

This issue is an old one which might never get looked at since PG makes more money if a whale has to pay full price for a new max level tower.

Any reasonable form of recycling would be nice, or tower swap for high ruby cost. A new level 50 tower puts 12 levels on a level 200s account… not desirable for many.

One possible way would be looking at the ratios.

0-60 Cannon tower requires 37,051,807 Lumber
0-60 Dark Flak requires 18,894,106 Lumber and 81,600 Embers.

So, subtract DF lumber from Cannon lumber:
37051807 - 18894106 = 18157701

Divide remaining lumber by total ember cost:

18157701 / 81600 = 222.52

I originally was going to propose 200, based on the points given in fortification, but that was not an accurate number (apparently).

So, there ya go–perfectly reasonable conversion. :slight_smile:

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I think it would be cool if you could just even convert a flak tower to another type. Such as converting a Dark flak to a Fire of the same level.

Or convert a archer to a cannon of the same level. This would at least allow towers you’ve invested a lot of timers, wood and shards into (ones we care about), to a useful tower with the same cost values.

Ice for Fire (vice versa,
Flak for Flak
Basic for Basic

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so we could dump lightening and ballistas

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Recyclable towers competes with universal evolution stones for the most repeated topics on a weekly basis.

Can anyone tell uys how many of these threads have been started in the last few months?

To my knowledge, nobody from PG has ever responded to these topics, which leads me to believe that a snowball in hell has a better shot.

At least PG has come out and said a big NO to universal evolution stones. They haven’t said anything about some sort of tower recycling though…at least not that I can remember.

Problem is tower recycling doesn’t do anything for them, and has questionable value to players as well… though I have seen some awful bases over level 200… 4 mill defense… yikes!

Yeah ditch the recycling. Tower demolition: destroys tower and adds equivalent xp to next level requirement.

  1. PG. Benefits as people will spend to fix bases. Also allows a better way to adopt new towers and replace old irrelevant stuff like ballistas. You could use ballista for the ten levels its relevant for and dump.
  2. Players. Clean out storage. Fix building mistakes without damaging account. Adds an element of horizontal progression.

I think this is simple and benefits most everyone.

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If one day this gets implemented, itll be my Christmas Day

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Better to aim for the moon and hit a tree than to aim for the stump and hit your foot.


You had me at replace ballistas.


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