Recycling the eggs we didn't hatch


I don’t know you, but I have some dragon eggs I know I will never hatch. They only stay in line, taking unnecessary place. We all know the tokens are scarce right now. What do you think if PG would agree to recycle these unhatched eggs giving back to the owner 20% of the tokens that would have been needed to get it based on the color and maybe type (epic, legendary, mythic).


Recycling eggs for research is already implemented. There’s already a purpose to those eggs. And those egg tokens weren’t lost if you bred during breeding event. They were worth points and sigils. Do you want to give back 20% of those points earned breeding one Dragon you don’t like too? Doubt so.

Besides, there are a need for those Dragons. Feeding events, and maybe another shot at the Miracle event of last year where every dragon of each tier counted. Don’t underestimate Dragons you can hatch. You never know what PG can do to make them valuable someday.


Oh, I forgot to mention those eggs you don’t want to hatch could have been a mate to get one of a kind Dragon in breeding event, I’m not talking about Ochre which isn’t exclusive to the event, but Dodos family can only be obtained from specific breeding pairs, and backbreeding (obtaining valuable Dragons as by-products of higher tiers) also involves lower tier Dragons that you could disregard :wink:


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