Recycling unwanted Towers


Yes, I know there are a lot of threads on this subject. I also know that a lot of people’s stance is to live with your mistakes and that is fine but please bare with me as I have a different take on possible unwanted towers.

So most solutions involve claiming back a certain amount of XP and/or wood and/or rubies.

This I believe can be difficult as it impacts on player level and may cause all sorts of problems with such things like dragon rosters, Den levels, Storage levels etc.

My idea is to ‘recycle’ towers. That is to scrap one tower and transfer it to another tower, NOT store it.
In this transfer there would be NO loss or gain of XP and a percentage of the (total) wood, will be transferred to the new tower.
Towers would gain full levels and any extra wood, would be lost.

Process would be something like, chose tower a (donor), chose tower b (target), click recycle.

I have a couple ideas how this may work :-

  1. Recycling a tower would transfer x% wood to any other tower.


  1. Donor tower must be same level as receiving tower.


  1. Donor tower must be x amount of levels greater than the level of the receiving tower.


  1. Can only recycle x amount of towers (let’s say five) to make one new tower which will be either :-

                  a. Lowest level of donor towers
                  b. Average level of donor towers
                  c. Highest level of donor towers

We still then have the problem of Turrets, Flaks and Totems, I personally believe that if Recycling was a thing then any Shards or Embers would be lost forever and only the wood could be used.

This would keep such things ‘premium’ and make people think about building and recycling premium towers.

Of course another consideration would be Fortification Events,

So, Recycling would only be possible outside Fortification Events

Or, if allowed during an event then recycling would not be eligible for event points.

Either way would prevent building towers outside events, when wood is ample and recycling them for points.

I hope I covered everything but I’m sure all you clever people out there will be able to pick holes in this.

Main consideration though is that recycling is NOT a big gain just a minor adjustment.

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Do you mean I could convert my level 30 ballistas into level 30 electroflaks? Not sure I completely follow your thought. Not all towers have the same relative power / usefulness which is why we want to recycle them.

Maybe PG will go for this but I wouldn’t hold your breath, they want you to spend for the new towers



Take a look through @MikeH8sDisGame s proposal :eyes:



@TheRedDelilah, this is the only OPEN thread on this topic though. hard to them to gain traction when they are all closed. Yes mine was ignored by PG. But since this is a year later maybe this one will gain traction, enough that PG may actually read it. (If you reopen it anyways)



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Mike has been ignored about this for over a year now I think

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I have a suggestion. They should edit the forums so that when trying to create a topic under the suggestions category it pops up a list of common suggestions that have already been shot down and ask you to confirm that your suggestion is NOT one of those.



Here’s one of the past threads:

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