Red breeding path and research egg


I’m currently finished 19 th step and this breeding I’ll finish 20 and 21 . I want orange egg for research but easy orange egg giving dragons r below in the path. So upto my progress in path what are the dragons give orange egg in less amount of tokens ?
Any suggestions?


Here is your answer:


You’ll get hundreds of surplus orange eggs; they aren’t worth breeding separately for. Just keep following the path and be patient :slight_smile:


I bred till green without backbred and still had to go back. God bless these are cheap :sunglasses:


I held off on research and saved all my eggs for builder hut which is critical. You get plenty of orange once you get into green+ breeds


@forScience Actually you get very little orange surplus from following Red’s best (in favor of the much harder to get blue and green eggs).

@TheBeastxGreat Easiest way to get them is to do step 26 earlier (you can do that one after step 20 with no penalty). After that you can breed Ankor + Slynx for cheap orange eggs.


Like mentioned, be a little patient. Once you get Slynx, then go back and revisit orange eggs.


Thanks all
@TheRedDelilah now u can lock :lock: this post , solution got from all of ur replies :+1: